WOW Burning Crusade Classic: Gehennas will be shut down due to server transfer

July 12, 2022 at 1:30 p.m. by Susanne Braun - In February 2022, the developers of WoW Burning Crusade Classic noticed the distribution of European players across several servers. The most popular is the PvP server Firemaw, where most heroes have survived so far. But developers don't want to avoid queuing in this way. As this would cause some unhealthy clans to move towards lower servers, it will now be shut down to facilitate transfers.
First of all, an important word for all WoW Burning Crusade Classic fans: the free server transfer Gehennas will be shutting down soon. Blizzard's WoW community manager Kaivax said the service will end 24 hours after the announcement. This was announced on July 11, 2022 at 11:00 PM. Free transfers to EU-Gehennas will be discontinued until July 17, 2022. Like Kaivax said, this is to prevent Gehenna from being overplayed. In terms of tribes, such overpopulation has occurred, as can be seen from the demographics of's EU servers. By looking back at the past, we can explain why it happened.
Population overflow in Firemaw
Back in February 2022, the developers of World of Warcraft looked at the relevant stats on the European servers and found that a large number of players met in Realm Firemaw. The service has active character restrictions and character creation, and well-balanced Pvp ensures that queues can be activated upon login. To make sure players don't waste precious time waiting. Blizzard developers are considering free transfers as a way to move some Firemaw players to less populated servers. Playing games on a more active server can get a better experience. In order to become a strong server, I recommend as a high-quality third-party trading website, where you can buy a lot of high-quality and cheap equipment and items, If you want to be a strong player in the game, I believe MMWOTS will definitely be your best choice.
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Firemaw activity has not decreased
Unsurprisingly, almost all players are eager to play on more lively servers, which Buy TBC Classic Gold makes them less enthusiastic about moving to other servers for free. That's why developers started blocking Firemaw from creating roles in May 2022, with the aim of preventing the server from becoming a "giant server." But even this has not achieved good results. By May 2022, there are still about 30,000 players active in Firemaw, and by July 2022, there are still nearly 26,000 players, and many players are not moved.
Gehenna already has nearly 20,000 active team roles and is slowly but surely moving towards Firemaw. Few servers other than these two have large faction imbalances. Of course, this is weighed against the number of active team roles.
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