Why choose Aeronautical Engineering as a Career?

The field of aeronautical engineering is considered to be the most demanding field of engineering. It has better career-building perspectives. Under this, new technologies are developed in the field of civil aviation, space exploration, defense technology, etc. This field is concerned with designing, manufacturing, developing, testing, operating, and running parts of commercial and military aircraft as well as the development of spacecraft, satellites, and missiles. 

The main benefit of choosing Aeronautical Engineering is the specialized tag that comes with this degree as compared to the core disciplines like Mechanical, Civil, Computer, and Electrical Engineering wherein one needs a specialization for a good career. Also, aeronautical engineers are eligible to apply for vacancies in Mechanical engineering. 

The part of an aerospace engineer's aircraft Designer is extremely vital in the present environment which is completely advanced and technology intense. Currently, it's one of the most challenging and demanding courses for new generation scholars. The candidates who take over the undergraduate course are suitable to easily acquire the specialized skills which are necessary for getting job-ready. 

  • Aeronautical Engineering 

Aeronautical engineering includes the strategies for operating aircraft and the study, design, and maintenance of flight-capable machines. Under this course, engineering students and young professionals are given technical training in the construction, designing, testing, and analysis of commercial or military aircraft, missiles, and spacecraft. Aeronautical engineering also includes propulsion, stuff knowledge, avionics, and aerodynamics. 


  • Aeronautical Engineering Course Duration 

The Aeronautical Engineering course duration is of 4 years divided into 8 semesters in which examinations are conducted semester-wise in which students will concentrate great knowledge about the manufacturing, designing, and testing of aircraft. The last semester of the Aeronautical Engineering course is completely practical and industrial training. 

For Diploma Aeronautical Engineering course duration is of 3 years divided into 6 semesters in which examinations are conducted semester-wise. After a diploma in Aeronautical Engineering B. Tech/B.E in Aeronautical will be a 3 years course. 

To do Aeronautical Engineering, the candidate should have a very strong grip on Chemistry, Physics, and Maths. Also, to apply for this course, it's compulsory to have passed 12th class with Physics, Chemistry and Maths subjects. 


  • Aeronautical Engineering Entrance Exam Admission Process 

Aeronautical-CET offers admission in various colleges throughout India in Aeronautical Engineering Course. Candidates must follow a process to get admission in Aeronautical Engineering through the Aeronautical- CET Exam. 


  1. Visit www.aeronauticalcet.in or Aeronautical- CET office at your nearest location.
  2. Fill out the form and register for the Aeronautical- CET Exam.

Based on Aeronautical-CET all India rank, our Counselling team guides you to get admission to the best aeronautical engineering Colleges as per your preference stream and trade at your preferred location.


  • Aeronautical Engineering Course Fee 

The Aeronautical Engineering Course fee varies as per the choice of college selected. The fee for Aeronautical Engineering full varies from 4-10 lakh depending on the choice of college. The course fee depends on the college which the candidate chooses depending on their rank in Aeronautical-CET Exam. Depending on the Aeronautical- CET exam rank up to 100 scholarships are given. 

  • Aeronautical Engineering Career Options

The aeronautics industry in India has come up as one of the fastest-growing industries in the country during the last 3 years. India has become the 3rd largest domestic aeronautics market in the world and is expected to catch the UK to become the 3rd largest air passenger market by 2024-25. A lot of companies start manufacturing Aircraft and Aircraft spares in India. 


There are a lot of openings for Aeronautical Engineers in the manufacturing and airline industry With middle-class people taking to the skies against the background of economic airfares, the Indian aviation market has risen at an average rate of 16% over the last decade. 


After Completion of the top Aeronautical Engineering Course candidate can work in the below-mentioned industry

    • Airlines
    • Aircraft Manufacturing Companies 
    • Aircraft Spares Manufacturing Companies
    • Maintenance Repair Overhaul(MROs)
    • Civil Aviation Department and Defence
    • Aeronautical Engineering Colleges/Institutes/Universities
    • Research Organizations
    • Aviation Technical Publication Companies 
  • Aeronautical Engineering Salary Package 

The starting salary of an aeronautical engineer after graduation is considered to be around 20 to 40 lakhs per year, depending on the experience, skill, and organization. The salary package may differ from company to company. 

Whereas in the government sector, the salary of a junior engineer, and assistant engineer of aeronautical engineers is around 20 lakhs to 50 lakhs on the base fixed scale in the government sector. 

As far as career growth and development is concerned, it's one of the top choices in terms of (ROI) return on investment in aeronautical engineering. This stream has a stable career, a good package, and better future perspectives. 

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