Shroom Edibles Expert Interview

Jonathan sniffs the scent of a wild aniseed mushroom

In the evening another party- coworker cook Jonathan Shroom Edibles Karpathios- treated us to a succulent dish of the aniseed mushrooms we had set up. The coming morning everyone was quiet at breakfast; quite a bit of wine and tsipouro( locally distilled Greek grappa) had gone through the night ahead and it was also relatively early as we had a long trip ahead of us.

Nektarios had commodity special in store. He wanted to go to a fully different area where the chance of chancing truffles was topmost, near Grammeni Oxia. still, the machine could not get there, because we had to go out- road quite a bit. In discussion with me, he'd managed to arrange 4 SUVs, just with levies from the vill, who were willing to take us there in one piece. One of the motorists turned out to be the mayor of the vill himself; gold!
It was a rough, but also beautiful trip of three hours on a veritably foggy day.

Chasing the truffle dogs

It turned out to be a beautiful, ancient beech timber. Again with those beautiful lichens. It looked nearly creepy; thick fog, from which impended the stark pale- multicolored beech trees.

Nektarios prompted Rosie and Daisy to look for truffles and of course we went after them. It did not take long before the first truffles were set up. In the meantime, we also searched for other mushrooms ourselves, but it was clear that the season in that timber had formerly come to an end. In addition, it was veritably sticky, so what differently we set up was of poor quality.




After a many hours and with a good quantum of black truffles and a mountain of giant pieds de mouton( Hydnum repandum) in our pockets, we returned to the SUVs where the motorists were erecting a fire.

Extemporize for lunch

Nektarios and I prepared a lunch there on the spot of the pieds de mouton and quite a many emperor samanites( Nektarios had brought them frozen especially for us, because the season came a bit earlier than hoped and we might not find anything about it) wrapped in aluminum antipode with onions, sauces and olive oil painting and also straight into the ashes of the fire.

Pasta with emperor samanite and truffle

That evening I prepared a pasta for the group with colorful mushrooms, including emperor samanites and a lot of truffle! The coming morning we witnessed a original ritual in which a wreath was laid by the mayor at the statue of Athanasios diakos, the namesake of the vill. It was in honor of the periodic fests around October 28 Ochi day.

The day in 1940 when the Greek colonel Metaxas unequivocally said no to Mussolini to his request to join the Axis powers and as a result of which Greece came directly involved in the alternate world war. After the observances we left for Pavliani, where we arrived after a short drive.

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