The formula of the recycled material is added to the formula

Do you know that the purity of polyethylene will affect its quality? Let's see our introduction. In fact, the quality of this winding membrane is poor, and there is almost no ductility and retractable stress. Compared with other types of winding membranes, the wound film has stronger toughness and mechanical properties, which makes its formula unique.
The above information is organized by the editor to learn more about the wound membrane, the machine is used to use the wound film, please visit the PE wound film information . They can only use the formula of polyethylene and parent materials, which can speed up the working speed, but the quality of the bonding membrane produced is worrying. This entangled film is completely opaque and cheapest. Although the ductility is enhanced, the retraction stress and the anti -disclossed resistance will be greatly weakened.
Generally speaking, the quality of the wound film depends entirely on the purity of polyethylene. This product is generally translucent, and pull noise during use. It looks like a cardboard from a distance. Pure polyethylene is more expensive, belongs to futures, and fluctuates large, which is why the film price is high. The good winding membrane is completely transparent, the film forms uniform, and the China Plastic colorful packaging tape Manufacturer feel is good.
The formula of the recycled material is added to the formula. Another is made of recycled materials and talc powder (calcium carbonate). However, this winding film is very soft and has no stretching. The retractable stress is relatively uniform. I believe everyone can better understand the key to the quality of the wound membrane. It is basically opaque, rough, and strong. But the appearance of this wound film is easily confused, so it is necessary to test its performance before buying.
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