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Fishing for Saint Jacques de Normandie Buy Bulk Shrooms has been open for a many weeks and as I told you lately it's important to buy French to support our fishers and concentrate on quality.

A many days agone

In Bordeaux we had the chance to have the Fish Truck of La Grande Débarque and in the kitchen, the excellent cook Charles Soussins whom I've known since the morning of my blog 😀. I love what he makes because on the one hand it's succulent and scrumptious, and on the other hand easy to make. Charles knows our family cooking issues. It fits and it's great.

He offered 5 easy ideas for enjoying scallops and I really wanted to partake them with you.

How to Cook Scallops
Grilled scallops
Grilled scallops

Charles culinarians them a la plancha, but if you do not have one, a skillet is fine. Just put a little olive oil painting( yes a neutral oil painting) in a visage, and toast it well. Place the scallops on it, preliminarily seasoned with a pinch of swab and a pinch of Espelette pepper, side down.

When the scallop is placed in the visage it goes psh explains Charles 😀. At this point, add a small piece of adulation( to color and nourish the scallops). After 2 twinkles, turn the scallops over and continue cooking for 1 nanosecond.

Remove the scallops from the cookstove so they do not overcook. The trapped heat will be distributed well and they will be extremist soft. It's a delight.

5 form ideas to enhance your scallops Then are Charles' ideas.

Taillons of clementine from Corsica, a brunoise of persimmon( the new establishment kinds), a finely diced shallot, a little olive oil painting, a pinch of swab and a pinch of Espelette pepper.

Withpan-fried button mushrooms outgunned with a teaspoon of fresh cream, a many baby spinach shoots, a pinch of swab and a many slices of radish for a little pepper.

Slices of Brussels sprouts passed through a mandolin( which is cooked at the same time as the scallops), a piece of ventrèche or grilled pancetta.

Extra thin slices of apple( thank you mandolin). You put on the Saint Jacques at the same time as the adulation. We always season with swab and Espelette pepper.

Slices of apple as over, but in addition, at the last moment we add a veritably thin piece of old mimolette. It melts slightly on the hot scallops, a phenomenon. There too, we season.

You can also taste it raw in carpaccio, seasoned with swab, pepper, bomb and olive oil painting.

Baking in the roaster is possible count. 3 to 4 twinkles in the roaster at 180 °C.

Still, indurate them flat, in packages of 6 to 8 nuts, If you want to indurate them. To thaw them, leave them still like that in the refrigerator. Don't put them in milk as advised ahead.

Don't vacillate to treat yourself. You have about 6 scallops per kilo and there, at the request, the kg of scallops varied between 7 and 9 euros.

It's a real party dish, accessible. So go, treat yourself with this excellent French Saint Jacques from Normandy. Mine, which came from Salicoque Marée, were a phenomenon.

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