This device is programmed to turn red when paper is overfed

The GBC Shredmaster GSM128 is an ideal system for low volume, high security shredding.  Small work spaces and offices will benefit from the durable construction and jam free technology.  Automatic features offer simple operation while micro cut blades keep your confidential information secure.  Let's take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of the GBC Shredmaster GSM128.  Strengths:    Operation is simple, even for an inexperienced operator.  It automatically turns on when items are inserted into the feed, China Polyester Webbing Strap Factory then stops when everything is through.  After a few minutes of inactivity, the motor powers down in order to conserve energy.  Paper bags are also available for even more environmentally friendly use.
One of GBC shredders best features is the Jam Free Technology.  This device is programmed to turn red when paper is overfed into the machine, giving the user the opportunity to remove the excess paper and continue shredding before a jam occurs.  In the case of an accidental misfeed, the automatic reverse function helps to unclog the blades by feeding items back out of the device.  While the occasional paper jam may still occur, you will probably find this technology helpful in avoiding them overall.The nine inch throat opening accepts up to 12 sheets of stapled and paperclipped documents.  The blades also offer the convenient destruction of CDs and DVDs.  Items are shred at a rate of six feet per minute.  The tiny particles that remain are only 3/32 inch by 19/32 inch in size and provide a level 4 security rating.  This high security rating keeps safe all your personal and office confidential information.Tiny paper confetti is collected in an eight gallon shred bag.  A pull out waste drawer offers the simple removal and replacement of the bag.GBC offers a two year warranty on parts and labor.  The cutters carry a one year warranty.  Weaknesses:    Like many smaller shredders, this one doesn't run continuously.  That means that after a short period of solid use, the motor will automatically shut down for a cool off period.  Light use by 1-3 people may not trigger this.  But companies looking for a multi-user machine for moderate to heavy shredding will want a more powerful machine.This is a small machine and as such offers capacities proportionate to its size.  While it may be perfect for a small office, medium to larger offices will want something bigger.  
We recommend checking out GBC's line of medium and large office shredders, such as the GDS2213.One thing that would be nice to see on this device is separate compartments for paper and non-paper waste.  That would facilitate easy recycling of the paper while the CD remnants could be tossed. If this is an important feature to you, we recommend you look into the MBM Destroyit 2270, which does provide separate waste containers.  As you can see, the GSM128 is well-suited for the light duty needs of a small office with 1-3 users.  The automated operation of this device makes use simple. Speedy blades swiftly turn secure materials into paper confetti, keeping you and your clientele safe.  We think the GBC Shredmaster GSM128 is an excellent choice for your next small office shredder.
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