How UI designing is different from UI development?

Do you know about the difference between UI designing and UI Development? If no then read this complete blog to know about the difference. Now days they both are in high demand in the industry. After learning about UI designing or UI development you can go for any job related to the web like web development, Front- end development, back-end development, Full stack development and many more. If you are interested in making career in web development field then why don’t you go for web development courses in Delhi to attain professional level of training from experts?

Now let’s talk about both UI designing and UI development one by one.


What is UI design?


UI Design (user Interface Design) is all about creating designs of web pages according to the user point of view. Interface simply means to the point where a user interacts with any web application, Software, or any other device. So, In short you can say that the UI design used to create user interface by which a user can use that application easily.

A UI designer mainly focuses on styling to improve user experience. Styling means giving presentable look to a web page with the help of images, Color, animations, fonts and other amazing things.


The process of designing is started with the software’s that is Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and other UI design software. By using these software applications, a designer creates a design template of the webpage, it is also known as wireframe of the website. A designer is responsive for many tasks like how it is designed, how it appears on the screen of the user and how they interact with that and etc. because we all know that a good design can increase your visitors also. With UI UX design courses in Delhi, you can start learning all the above mentioned tools and UX principles.


What is UI development?


UI Development is basically stands for front end development, which means the developer is responsible for the Interactivity. Adding interactivity simply means the procedure of giving life to a web page with the help of forms, notification (popup) and etc.

After the completion of design, a developer converts those designs in to the main website. For converting design into development a UI developer use many from-end programming languages like HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, React JS, Vue JS, Typescript, AJAX, ,with the help of these languages a developer develop website or web pages and make them responsive too.

For attaining command on all the above mentioned programming languages and libraries, you must think about joining a web design institute.

Responsive is a technical term which simple means that mobile friendly. A Responsive website  is the main factor which shows the skills of the UI designer and UI developer, In responsive a developer ensures that how the website look and appeared on the various devices like mobile, desktop, laptop etc.



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