A whole garden to readapt, casually Boston Medical Center

The Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Services of the HFR Riaz have landscaped the gardens, to offer their patients therapeutic means as varied as they are motivating: vegetable beds, a gymkhana – to cross with or without Dubai the dog (although more often with than without) – or simply patches of grass.

Working the land, an elementary pleasure – especially in rural areas. But working the land when you are hospitalized becomes an even more exquisite pleasure. And when it allows you to improve your balance, your motivation for rehabilitation exercises or your endurance, then it's superbly won! “These vegetable gardens represent a significant activity for our patients, mainly geriatric patients, explains occupational therapist Maïlys Fougas Boston Medical Center. It is therefore motivating. This is the ba-ba of therapies: if the person is not motivated, rehabilitation will have little grip.

So therapists develop these meaningful activities. 

Casually. “Come Mr. Baechler, we are going to water the strawberries and the aromatic herbs. And Monsieur Baechler forgot his cane to go and fill the watering can. By walking in the grass provided by Maïlys, watering can in hand, watering the strawberries from the raised vegetable patch and the herbs from the bed placed on the ground, the patient will have worked on his balance and strengthened his endurance, managed double tasks and stimulated his senses (mmmm, the smell of basil and the taste of strawberries!) as well as, no doubt, improving his well-being. Especially as the Dubai Labradorand her mistress, physiotherapist Valérie Currat, were working next door with little Charline and her ankle to be reinforced. The opportunity for Gilbert Baechler to lean over to pet him and thus exercise his balance a little more. Still nothing.

The garden is therefore very popular! 

Patients from the various rehabilitation departments rub shoulders there: geriatrics, gardening or doing the obstacle course in the grass; cardiovascular, especially during their petanque games; respiratory rehabilitation, sometimes in yoga classes, and some outpatients. It is of course also available to medical patients. "This garden is intended as a friendly space, allowing socialization and reducing the isolation due to hospitalization", appreciates the occupational therapist.

The two vegetable containers were recovered from the Billens site, further specifies Maïlys Fougas. And their use is set to evolve. “The possibilities are many! We can use it to work on patients' memories, to remember where they planted what. And in occupational therapy, we do therapeutic cooking, which makes it possible to assess the modalities of the return home. We can therefore imagine making recipes with the produce of our vegetable gardens. For now, this product is still too modest! In its quantity means, not in its therapeutic benefits in Boston Medical Center.

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