The Supremacy of Custom Software Development

Understanding a clever and cost-reducing way that businesses adopt to scale and solve problems in direct ways using custom software development.

To be or not to be, that is the question businesses face when it comes to choosing between customized software and standard software. In some respects, the question could be the difference between the haves and have nots. Being a successful custom software development company ourselves and pushing to innovate cutting-edge solutions on a habitual basis, we know first-hand what to do when. 

If organizations are to transform digitally, then the installed software would have to complement the needs equally. If you are in the middle of such a dilemma, by the end of this article you would gain clarity on the subject. Hence, we begin by answering the question, what is custom software?  

What is a Customized Software? 

The software that comes pre-packaged with features is referred to as Commercial Off The Shelf or COTS. The vendor that develops it owns the responsibility of updating its versions. Enterprises slash users subscribe to it by paying a licensing fee. It is designed keeping in mind the most universal needs of the mass market. Microsoft Windows is an example of COTS. It offers the apparatus for each user to carry out daily-life computational tasks without having to think twice.  

On the other hand, software that you develop, or ask a third party to customize for you is called customized software. Since it is created unique to the needs of a particular user, it is also termed as bespoke software. Made on order, it weighs high on features that are relevant to the organization. Custom software applications are cut to fit the ongoing and upcoming business requirements. 

Tasks that standard software will take ages to complete can be accomplished in a whisker of time with custom software apps. Think of it this way, COTS is a public utility vehicle that takes the combined choices of travelers’ into consideration and drives at a speed fast enough to pacify those onboard. While custom software is a private car that you can modify as per wish and break the speed limits with. 


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