The Makings of Good Italian Restaurants

Going out to eat can be a pleasant experience, even if the food is average. As long as you're surrounded by good friends, you hardly need a four-star experience to have a good time. On the other hand, a quality gastronomic experience can take it to another level. So what do you look for if you want really good Italian restaurant sydney? Is it enough that the server displays everything in a timely manner and doesn't hang while trying to make a call? Is it enough that food is enough? Or do you want something else? Read on for a few traits that can lift such a place above average.

Good service

Italian restaurants can't be above average if they don't have good service. The key to any dining experience is having a team of servers dedicated to preparing each customer's dinner well. Yes, even the best server in the world can't do much if the food is terrible, but much can be forgiven if the service is exemplary. One of the worst mistakes a restaurant can make is overcharging the servers. A server with too many tables to attend to cannot give each table the attention it needs. Of course, there is a server that overcompensates. Moving around is almost as bad as a server disappearing altogether.

The wine list

Italian restaurants aren't complete without a wine list they can be proud of. If you don't drink wine, it won't mean much to you, but it's an important part nonetheless. Unfortunately, many places put a lot of emphasis on the price of their alcohol, including wine. This sometimes leads to marks that would put a film director to shame. Cleverly, they often hide the markings so you won't know exactly how much you're overpaying unless you're a seasoned connoisseur. At a minimum, some thought and creativity should be put into the list, and there should be suggestions when it comes to pairing different wines with main courses.


The wine list may be impeccable and the service impeccable, but if the food is terrible, Italian restaurants won't get many positive reviews. There are plenty of places to eat, even in the smaller towns. Some people just want something quick and cheap so they don't have to cook at home. However, most people who go to an establishment want a little more for their money. And some of that should include at least a nod to authentic Italian food, which is all it takes to separate a good place from the chains of the world.
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