OPRFID is the World's Second Largest RFID Tag Supplier

Oprfid is committed to providing digital identification solutions and has become the most trusted partner of global brands in the new retail era.

It mainly develops, produces and sells label labeling products for some of the world's largest and most prestigious shoe and clothing retailers and brands ("RBOs") around the world, including RFID tag labeling, to help their inventory management, optimize the supply chain and store operation efficiency, and create a better consumer experience for their customers on the way to the transformation of their single product digital identification.

Oprfid provides digital identification solutions through two collaborative and efficient business segments: end-to-end RFID solutions and label products. The company's business covers the entire value chain: from the development, production and sales of RFID Applied tag labels and product identification tag labels to the development and sales of market leading enterprise single grade RFID software clarity and RFID hardware products.

According to f&s, the company is the world's second largest label product supplier in the footwear and clothing industry and the world's second largest RFID tag supplier in 2020, accounting for 3.0% and 15.3% of the market shares respectively (both in terms of revenue). The company's RFID software has led the global RFID software solution market, accounting for 24.7% of the leading market share in terms of the number of stores deployed in 2020. The company provides label products for more than 600 RBOs.

The RFID solution business of oprfid mainly involves the development, production and sales of RFID tags, the development and sales of RFID software clarity, the resale of RFID hardware products, and the consultation and implementation of RFID systems.

Investment Highlights 

. An all-round supplier providing all-round label products and RFID systems and serving global retail brands;

. The second largest RFID tag supplier in the world;

. Globegroup's leading RFID solution supplier and partnership with leading brands in the industry: providing a full set of RFID system solutions;

. Retail brands highly depend on the company: in-depth understanding of their product needs, their own flexible global supply network, business efficiency and visual management of label products;

. Profound experience in the labeling field and use it to continuously win market share in the retail industry; and

. An experienced professional management team that has achieved sustainable development in the past.

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