There are many options for

There are many options for the savvy home owner or outdoor enthusiast, and so it all comes down to a matter of cost versus value. Those looking for the immediate cheap fix will likely want to peruse something from the big box retailers that uses synthetic materials. Cheap plastic patio sets are very popular around the spring time for lower to Full Polyester Sofa Fabric intermediate income households because many are blinded by the low price tags. But when you get to looking at how much is paid for these sets versus how long they last and the level of quality they represent, the choice becomes clear that all weather furniture is the way to go. Even so, there are certain locations, where you'll get more use out of your all weather than others.

Cooler, damper environments

Obviously, too much water can be bad for anything, but in seasonal climates, it is much easier to maintain all weather furniture to its longest lasting potential due to the adequate amount of humidity that the wood gets. In humid environments, the wood has a better chance to hydrate, and so less strain is placed on it over time. While these environments are not without their share of concerns, they tend to be best suited for this type of product. They are especially better suited than drier areas of world.

Dry environments

It really doesn't matter if you are dealing with extreme hot or extreme cold, the dryer that an area is, the harder it will be on the furniture. All weather furniture is crafted from natural elements. Typical elements that are used include rattan, teak, banana peel, seagrass, water hyacinth, and a variety of related woods and textures. These elements are strong, but they are also pliable thanks to the inherent moisture. When you remove that moisture from the equation, it is much easier for the elements to stiffen and split and crack. Especially from heavy use. And if you live in this type of area, then you may find yourself wanting to use your all weather furniture more often. The caveat: the more you use, the greater strain you put on the stiffened materials.

Areas privy to natural disaster

With high hurricane, tornado, and earthquake areas, you can never be sure of what will happen. Nothing can withstand the extreme effects of Mother Nature when she takes a notion to be at her most destructive. But if you live in seasonal climates, weather conditions are generally the most conducive for your all weather furniture. But regardless of where you live, you'll always get more use and more time out of all weather than the alternative.

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