Obstructing the movement of the streets

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What are the most common causes of clogging of cisterns in Jeddah?
1- Excessive throwing of papers and napkins into the drains.
2- Accumulation of fat on the inner surfaces of the pipes.
3- The presence of an accumulation of solid materials inside the tube, which leads to blocking it and preventing water from filling inside it.
4- Fall of torrents that exceed the capacity of the cisterns to dispose of them.
5-Using an airtight cover for the orchards, which leads to the entry of garbage and solid materials. سباك الكويت
فني صحي الكويت
معلم صحي الكويت
ادوات صحية الكويت
معلم صحي ممتاز
Problems caused by a blockage
The appearance of unpleasant odors resulting from rotting water inside orchards.
2- Attracting and spreading insects. The spread of disease.
3- The occurrence of a crisis inside the house due to the blockage of the swallows.
4- Obstructing the movement of the streets.
The methods used by the company to clean the orchards
First: Cable wiring. It is considered the best type of wiring and is used in the event that the water level is high and requires one worker to work.
Second: wiping through chemicals, by using chemicals that break down fats and solid materials that cause sewage blockages and turn them into liquid materials.
Tips to solve sewage blockage problems and maintain a smooth sewage drainفني تركيب مضخات بالكويت
فني تركيب مضخات المياه الكويت

1- Pouring hot water for 30 seconds once a week to avoid any blockages.
2- Put a tablespoon of table salt in the sink and then slowly pour a quarter cup of white vinegar over it. Leave the basin for an hour without using it. Then pour hot water to drain the salt and periodically pour half a cup of any liquid detergent into the sink.
3- When there is a slow draining of water in your bathroom, use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to deal with it.
4- Resorting to a specialized company that works to solve the problem as soon as possible. فني صحي الاحمدي
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