men have increasingly interested in small breast sex dolls' buttocks

Big ass small breast sex dolls are small breast sex doll with big asses. From ancient times to the present, men have become increasingly interested in women's buttocks. This should be traced back to the evolution of man. Pre-evolutionary limb movements allowed the entire buttocks to be shown to others. Because intercourse used to be done directly from the rear, this method allowed men's nature to pass. When men see larger and more curved hips, this makes it easier for men to secrete hormones like dopamine, which makes them feel aroused more quickly. In their place, women's breasts grow larger as they walk on two legs. But many scholars still believe that the buttocks are the source of life. The attraction of the buttocks to humans can be described as an instinctive response. On the Internet, more and more Internet celebrities are no longer popular because of their beautiful appearance. But it attracts many fans due to its good figure and beautiful buttocks. Therefore, nowadays, many men pay more attention to the choice of buttocks when selecting dolls. Good looking buttocks can make men have stronger sexual desire.

The buttocks of life-size small breast sex dolls are the most used part. This also makes it susceptible to contamination and the growth of bacteria. Therefore, the buttocks of both large big booty sex dolls and full-sized solid dolls need to be maintained and cleaned. The care of the buttocks of small breast sex dolls mainly includes vaginal and anal care. It is sufficient to clean any residual body fluids or lubricants promptly after use. The surface of the doll's buttocks should also be cleaned regularly, as dust can easily accumulate when stored. Or some men are prone to kissing or licking the buttocks, so they should make cleaning cycles more frequent. Of course, do not forget to sprinkle talcum powder after cleaning. In addition, you should pay attention to the color of the small breast sex doll's underwear. You should try to choose good quality fabrics and light colors, otherwise small breast sex dolls can easily be stained.

Big Breast Sex Doll Most Realistic Love Doll

If you are particularly fascinated by a woman's buttocks, but you are still a bachelor. Then, you can satisfy your needs by buying small breast sex dolls. Don't be single and unable to address your needs and then feel free to do things that are against the law and discipline. If you need small breast sex dolls, you can buy them from our store. Our store has a large variety of small breast sex dolls, as well as a wide range of high quality branded small breast sex dolls.

The impact of the buttocks on sex is always positive. The buttocks are one of the most intimate places for people. Compared to men, the buttocks are the most closed and mysterious part of a woman's body. For men, a woman's backside is more likely to excite a man. Everyone has imagined that in the early morning, a ray of sunlight shines through the curtains and on the white sheets of the bed. The woman's sexy buttocks in bed glisten in the sunlight. Then the man watches from a distance, then slowly approaches, cautiously admiring and then sniffing out the woman's primal scent. All conditions can be perfected on a torso sex doll. You can sleep with a silicone doll and squeeze her ass immediately after waking up. When a man wakes up in the morning, the instinctive response of the reproductive organs in the morning, a man can use a small breast sex doll to do a good job in the early morning. Then the rest of the day will be refreshed. During intercourse, a man can slap his ass to get tactile or auditory stimulation to stimulate his sexual desire and urge. When entering this sexual position, a man will make exhilarating sounds by banging, thus bringing him to orgasm faster.

Hip size and shape of small tits sex doll

The buttocks are the place where fat accumulates. Sitting for long periods of time can cause fat to accumulate in the buttocks. As time passes, the shape of the buttocks can get larger and collapse, becoming very shapeless. Although some hips are large, they are very collapsed. This is an unhealthy shape of the buttocks. It means that the person has been sitting for a long time and not exercising, and that body fat is accumulating in the buttocks. Such large hips are not what men like. Men like the shape of hips, such as apples and peaches. They have rounded curves and a smooth feel. Men find it very pleasant to open their hands and slowly stroke from the waist of a woman during sex, caressing the smooth, elastic and very curvy buttocks. Especially when the curvature of the buttocks is large, it can stimulate men's sexual desire. In reality, only about 40% of women exercise for a fixed period of time. Aesthetic, stylish hips are even rarer in reality. Therefore, this is when the role of small breast sex dolls begins to emerge. While not all big-ass small breast sex dolls have stylish hips, their hands feel more flexible than some real people. This makes it more appealing to men and more likely to satisfy their sexual desires.

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