How To Fix Iphone Not Receiving Emails From Yahoo?

Yahoo mail is one of the most popular email service provider among the mid aged generation. They have attached lots of emotions with this email. Although, yahoo is being caught in to many glitches but still they don’t want to leave the platform. whenever we talk about the glitches, Yahoo mail not receiving emails on the iphone is one of them. Whenever a user open the mail application on the iphone. they don’t see the new emails while those emails are appearing on the webmail version of yahoo.

Why is my yahoo mail not getting emails on iphone?

In most of the cases, Yahoo mail is not getting emails on the iphone because of the account configuration issues. when you have updated the password but didn’t update it on the iphone. it will not be able to connect with the yahoo mail servers. at such point of time, you will see the yahoo mail connection error.

How Do I fix Yahoo mail not getting emails problem on iphone?

  • First of all, you need to go to the settings on the iphone and check the internet connection. make sure that the phone is working perfectly fine.
  • Now go to the settings on your iphone. here you need to click on the passwords and accounts. Now click on the yahoo account. after that remove the account. now re-add the account back into the inbox. Now click on the ok button.
  • Sometimes, yahoo mail is not getting emails because of the incorrect incoming or outgoing servers. so you need to edit the incoming and outgoing server address. right after that, your email will start working fine for you.
  • Let’s go to the app store and look for the app store. Because, if you are using the old version of mail application. it can also cause the not receiving emails problem.

After making these changes into the yahoo account. your iphone will start syncing the data from the yahoo servers. in case, if you are still dealing with the same problem. you need to remove the current account and then re-add the mail account again. it will start working fine for you then.


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