Extend The Life Of Grinding Disc

Before the cheap metal grinding disc is put into use, it is very important to install it correctly. The correct installation can ensure the normal and long-term operation of the grinding disc. If the grinding disc is installed incorrectly, it will not only affect the normal operation and efficiency of the grinding disc, but also shorten the service life of the grinding disc. damage. Let's take a look at the five steps to properly install the grinding disc:

  1. Check the characteristics of the grinding disc, whether it meets the requirements of use, and whether the grinding disc and the spindle size match.
  2. The grinding disc is freely assembled to the grinding disc spindle and cannot be squeezed by force. The inner diameter of the grinding disc should be properly matched with the main shaft and the chuck to avoid being too large or too small. The mating surface is clean and free of debris.
  3. The chuck of the cheap metal grinding disc should be symmetrical, and the radial width of the pressing surface should be equal. The pressing surface is straight, and the side of the grinding disc is in full contact, and the clamping is stable, preventing the two sides of the grinding disc from being deformed or even broken due to the unbalanced force.
  4. A flexible material gasket (such as asbestos rubber sheet, elastic cardboard or leather) with a certain thickness should be sandwiched between the chuck and the end face of the grinding disc to make the clamping force of the chuck evenly distributed.
  5. To tighten the tightness of the cheap metal grinding disc, it should be pressed enough to drive the grinding disc to produce no sliding, and should not be too tight. When tightening the large chucks with multiple bolts, they should be gradually and evenly tightened in the order of the diagonals. Do not tighten the bolts in the circumferential direction, or tighten one bolt at a time. To tighten the grinding disc chuck, only the standard wrench can be used. It is forbidden to use the long spanner or tapping to increase the tightening force.
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