A faulty washing machine motor

A faulty washing machine motor often hampers the smooth functioning of the washing machine. There are various other issues as well, including drainage issues, electrical issues and drum issues. The washer motor is one of the most vital component that drives the entire device. Without it, nothing would work. If you find some issue with your washer, there are chances that it is associated to the motor. The motor provides power to the various internal elements of the washing machine, including agitator, gearbox, pump and clutch. In case the motor fails, everything else will fail to perform.5 Common Washing Machine Motor ProblemsWasher Won’t Pump or Spin: Sometimes, the washing machine couldn't pump water in and out, as well as spin.

This can be the outcome of a failed lid. You can find it near the door frame inside the washer. Make sure you replace the defective lid as soon as possible.Pumps, but Won’t Spin: Again, it could be the lid switch that might be restricting the functionality of China Wholesale Bus Disc Brake Pads the washer to spin. Broken coupler, a plastic or rubber can also be the cause behind the washer refusing to spin. Replacement is the only option left if it is damaged or worn out. Other possible culprits can be a broken belt, a worn clutch or a malfunctioning drive motor. Since drive motors are designed to move in two directions, there are chances that it burn out moving in one direction. In such case, you might need to replace the whole motor.

Washer Won’t Agitate: The agitator is meant to move the clothes before the spinning process takes place. If the washer doesn't agitate, there may be a faulty lid switch or coupler on the motor or worn belt or clutch, a failed drive motor or pulleys, or the transmission, causing the problem. If you notice some black substance underneath the washer, the clutch might has gone out. This indicates that the clutch needs replacing.Clothes Still Wet: If your washing machine is not working well, it will surely leave the clothes wet after a spin cycle. Once again, the motor coupler can be the culprit. Apart from this, it can be the worn out belt or clutch causing the problem.Problems in Every Cycle: If your washer is not performing well, it may be because of the faulty drive motor. In such case, it won’t spin, agitate or perform the necessary tasks. Make sure you replace it immediately to prevent further damage.Above are some of the most common problems associated with a washer.

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