The relationship between sciatica and your posture

If you have sciatica, your posture may be the culprit in exacerbating the condition. Sciatica and your posture, especially when walking, are related to the arrangement of the rest of your body and the sciatic nerve. Depending on your posture, various parts of your body can put pressure on nerves, causing pain.

How Walking Posture Affects Sciatica
While it's not the most important thing to consider, the way we walk affects many aspects of our overall health. In this case, incorrect walking posture can cause excessive stress on various parts of the body, which can irritate or compress the sciatic nerve. Here are some common incorrect walking postures that can cause or exacerbate sciatica.
Lower back curve increases
Correct posture, whether sitting or standing, requires maintaining the natural curve of the spine. When you walk with excessive flex in your lower back, it causes the muscles that normally support your spine to become weak due to inactivity, causing other muscles to compensate to keep your spine stable.
hunchback when walking
If you walk with a hunched back, it may cause your upper body to lean forward, increasing the pressure on your core muscles.
Tips for Preventing Sciatica
The following methods can be used to relieve sciatica. If you have severe and prolonged sciatica, please visit a Hong Kong chiropractor as soon as possible. The editor recommends hkbppc and Yangkang Chinese Medicine Clinic, whether through physical therapy or Chinese medicine clinic, to deal with pain such as sciatica. Symptoms, they are professional!
1. Keep the spine in a neutral position - keep its natural curve
2. Put your head over your shoulders
3. Slow down your walk and focus on taking smaller steps
4. Actively exercise your core muscles while walking
We publish this article for educational purposes only. This is not meant to be used as medical advice(坐骨神經痛).
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