RFID Tag Frequency Band and Advantages

Advantages of RFID tag can identify high-speed moving objects or multiple objects at the same time:

Strong permeability, anti harsh environment, strong security, strong confidentiality, reusable, large data.

UHF RFID Air Interface Protocol with international standards, national standards, industrial standards, enterprise standards, etc.

The most popular standards are 6C and 6D standards, namely iso/iec1800-6c and iso/iec18000-64.

The global definition coverage of UHF tag frequency band is different, for example:

The domestic frequency band is 84~844 and 920~924mhz, the foreign frequency band is 902mhz~950mhz, and there are also 952mhz~954mhz.

Application of UHF tags.

UHF RFID has the advantages of reading multiple tags, long identification distance, fast data transmission speed, high reliability, long service life, and withstanding the harsh outdoor environment. It can be used for asset management, production line management, supply chain management, warehousing, anti-counterfeiting traceability retail of various commodities, vehicle management, etc.

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