RELX Vape Pod Flavors Guide

RELX has always been a brand that offers stronger and more diverse flavors than anywhere else in the vape market. You're sure to find your favorite vaping flavor, from fruit to even some candy-inspired options.
classic tobacco
This classic flavor offers true tobacco flavor and an aromatic finish. This pod is the go-to for those who like the complex smell of tobacco but don't want the smell to linger. For a smooth taste, tobacco is your best bet. While powerful but not overpowering tobacco is ideal for classic vaping.
crisp green
Feel the bite of a sour apple every time you inhale from our Crisp Green pods. Intense and bright, this intense flavor ends with a minty undertone that cools the entire experience. You can feel the juicy bite of a green apple straight from the tree!
dark light
This retro flavor makes for a rich, sparkling vanilla drink! Imagining a refreshing drink on a hot, lazy day, we took the first sip of the effervescent tablet for a sense of relief.
For a truly unique taste, experience the natural sweet and sour combination of South American passion fruit. The intense sweetness pairs perfectly with the refreshing minty flavor. Venture into something exotic and complex when you taste this fruit-inspired vape flavor!
forest gem
You're probably used to jams, but this one takes grape, sour and infuses it into our Forest Gems pods! The taste of mixed berries is enticing and comforting, and the blackberry and blueberry flavors make it well known. Enjoy the berry blend and taste these gems in the comfort of your vape.
bright red
What's more refreshing than fresh watermelon? Fresh red pods exude subtle bright sweetness and mouthwatering juices. Every breath is like sipping a freshly squeezed ripe watermelon, and enjoy this summer treat anytime with your new Fresh Red RELX (電子煙)capsules today.
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