Points to note when using the ozone aging tester

The ozone aging tester is also called the ozone aging test box. When using the ozone test box, in addition to our own safety issues, we also need to pay attention to some protection issues of the equipment. Only by properly maintaining and operating the equipment can the equipment be properly maintained. The lifespan will not be shortened, and it will be able to be used for a longer time.
1. The ozone aging test chamber is prohibited from heating or testing explosive and flammable substances that are highly corrosive. Otherwise, unnecessary losses will be caused, or the machine cannot test it.
2. The amount of the test object should not affect the air circulation of the test box, otherwise it will affect the performance of the machine.

3. The door of the ozone aging test box should be closed and closed tightly when using, otherwise the temperature and humidity will leak out and the performance area will not be reached.
4. Personnel operate the machine to avoid premature damage to the machine.
5. The ozone aging test box is equipped with a test hole on the left side, which can be used when connecting to the test circuit in the box.
6. The items in the box should not be overcrowded, and space must be left to facilitate the circulation of hot air.
The above is to share with you all the things that you must pay attention to before and after the ozone aging test box test.
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