Advantages of Using Linear Actuators

When automated equipment is designed, various factors must be taken into consideration including the production line layout, installation environment, ease of maintenance, configuration of electrical wiring and control system, and so on. This means many man-hours are needed to select the motor and other mechanical components and create a parts list, drawings, operating manuals and the like. Use of linear and rotary actuators can reduce this time and offers additional benefits.Get more news about linear drive,you can vist our website!

The primary feature of automated equipment is its ability to implement a series of basic operations such as "transfer", "push" and "rotate." In other words, you can design automated equipment by selecting and combining linear and rotary actuators capable of performing these basic operations. Since all you need is to select an actuator, you can save the time and effort.

Shorter Production Time and Higher Quality
When building equipment in-house by assembling a motor and mechanical components (see illustration), the quality of assembly affects the traveling resistance and position accuracy, therefore ultimately adjustments will be needed to achieve the expected operating performance. On the other hand, our linear and rotary actuators are complete products guaranteed to provide the specified operating performance, so use of linear and rotary actuators reduces adjustment work and ensures uniform quality.
AlphaStep products are stepper motor based hybrid motors with a unique hybrid control system combining the benefits of "open loop control" and "closed loop control".

The position of the motor is always monitored, and then the driver automatically switches between 2 types of control depending on the situation.During positioning, the motor stops with its own holding force without hunting. Because of this, it is ideal for applications where the low rigidity of the mechanism requires absence of vibration upon stopping.
Because it is normally operated with open loop control, positioning is still possible without gain adjustment even when the load fluctuates due to the use of a belt mechanism, cam or chain drive, etc.

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