High Quality sheet metal stamping drawing Hydraulic Press Machine

Computer optimize esign,3-beam, 4- column, structure, simple but with high performance ratio.Get more news about Perforated Sheet Leveller,you can vist our website!
* Catridge valve intergral unit equipped for hydraulic control system, reliable, durable and less hydraulic shock, with shorter
connection pipeline and fewer releases points.
* Independent electrial control, reliable, audio-visual and convenient for maintenance.
* Centralized button control system, with adjustment, hand semi auto operation modes at operator's choice.
* Fixed stroke forming process or fixed pressure forming process selected through control panel, with pressure hold and time delay functions.
* The operating force, no load traveling and low speed movement and travel range can be adjusted subjuce to technological requirements.
1. Suitable for the collection and delivery of various coil materials, both thin metal and non-metal materials
2. Motor power can be added to match the feeding device
3. The tension of the brake device can be adjusted, and the main shaft uses a reinforced type to make the material reel rotate
more smoothly and increase the load force
4. Indispensable parts for fully automatic production of presses, saving manpower, material resources, reducing costs, and achieving
ideal results
5. Imported parts are used, with fewer failures and long life
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