Powder Cleanser Comparison Review: Tosowoong

As I've mentioned before, it's really easy to write reviews of products that you either loved or hated, but it's harder to write about things which are simply mediocre. Those bland reviews still have value, even if there's little to say about them, so I like to knock out a few at a time and compare them to other products if possible.Get more news about Enzyme Powder Tosowoong,you can vist our website!

Today I'll be doing a comparison review of 4 powder cleansers I've used, and why only one of them has a spot in my cleanser wardrobe.Powder cleansers are relatively new to me (as in, the last year or so), but I became interested in them when I discovered that many of them are actually low-pH as well as being super fun to use. Since my dive into the research behind low-pH skincare was so compelling as to convince me to give up my old HG cleanser, I've been on a bit of a mission to find cleanser options that thrilled me in addition to being low-pH, since that's simply not enough on its own.
Before we jump in, I'd like to remind folks that skincare is the ultimate YMMV (your mileage may vary) so what worked best or worst for me is totally dependent on my skin and experience, and it doesn't necessarily mean that your skin will react the same way.

Let's do this!
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What is a powder cleanser?

Have you ever used powder laundry detergent or powder dish detergent? Same principle, just formulated for your face. Powder cleansers are cleansers which come as a dry powder, which you dispense into your hand (or onto your cleansing tool) and add water before agitating into a lather.
They tend to be low-foaming compared to regular cleansers, but since they're not dependent on traditional surfactants and foaming agents, they're more easily formulated to be low-pH. Cosmetic chemist Stephen Alain explained to me that one the reasons that there are not that many low-pH cleansers out there, or that they are expensive and/or not as pleasant to use, is that formulating low-pH cleansers can be a challenge and therefore can be expensive to make, but the mechanism of a powder cleanser isn't relying on typical emulsifiers and stabilizers since it's well ... a powder, not an already-mixed emulsion.

That's partly why they're so fun to use! It's like alchemy to see it turn into lather in your hands, and it also makes a great travel cleanser option since it's not liquid and doesn't count toward your liquids restrictions. It's why it's my travel cleanser of choice; you can read about my travel stash/routine here: Travel SOS: Taking a 10 Step Skincare Routine on the Road with Poor Planning.

A way to combat the low-foam of powder cleansers is to use either a konjac sponge or foaming net (both pictured above) by sprinkling the powder onto sponge or net after they've been wetted. There is a bit of a learning curve on how to agitate the foam without the powder going everywhere, but it's not difficult. You still won't get 'normal' levels of lather, but it definitely helps!

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