How an innovative wheelchair helps this man stand tall

The first time was in 2014, when Winchester was training for a 100-mile “century race” bicycling event. Riding near his home in Reno, Winchester ran into a trailer that was illegally parked in a bike lane and suffered a severe spinal injury that required a medical helicopter transport to a Denver hospital and two weeks in an intensive care unit.Get more news about Electric Wheelchair,you can vist our website!

But the injury to Winchester’s upper spine left him paralyzed and he would later spend time rehabbing and learning to navigate his condition at Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado, a highly regarded facility that specializes in spinal cord and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation and research.

Winchester would never return to live in the home he left that day for his training ride.

“Our friends and family packed us up and we moved to a rental since our home was a two-story structure,” Winchester said. “And we made plans to build a new home to suit our purposes.”

A married father of three, Winchester didn’t let the outcome of his injuries, which left him paralyzed from about the level of his armpits down, derail his active lifestyle. Instead, he learned how to ride a hand-powered bike and returned to the roads.

In 2016, Winchester was struck by a car while riding his handbike, and suffered additional spinal damage as well as a traumatic brain injury. While he didn’t lose further use of his upper body, the second accident intensified the side effects of his spinal damage, including the onset of severe muscle spasms.

Bill Winchester jokes with his son, Luke, that even on tippy-toe Luke isn’t as tall as Bill when Bill uses his Tek RMD at their home in Reno, Nevada, on Monday, March 21, 2022. Spinal cord injuries from two cycling accidents left Bill Winchester paralyzed from the chest down. The robotic mobilization device allows him to be mobile while in a standing position, which helps with circulation, bone density, and bladder and bowel function. It also helps prevent sores and pressure points that can be caused by too much time in a wheelchair and allows him to see eye to eye with his loved ones when they are standing.Between his first and second accidents, Winchester had been invited to try out a piece of new technology developed by Turkish engineer and robotics expert Necati Hacikadiroğlu. The innovation was a stand-up wheelchair that incorporated a mechanism to help lift the user from a sitting position to a locked-in, stand-up position in an electric-powered mobility device that is controlled by a joystick. On first appearance, the Tek RMD is reminiscent of a burly, four-wheeled Segue.

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