Which is the Best Freight Management Software in Australia?

TIG is a global full-service freight solutions provider based in Australia. We cater to tailored freight solutions with the help of our world-class freight management software ground up on modern technologies. Our passionate team of experts ensure that our customers get the adequate custom freight solution that works best for their businesses. You get the best-in-class customer service, high-quality techno-specific solutions, and a transparent process to update you on your whereabouts.

We believe in evolving with the modernization of industrial procedures. Hence, we embarked on the journey of developing freight management software – OpenFreight for Australia’s businesses.

OpenFreight is a proprietary, revolutionary and enterprise-grade platform tailored to your business needs.

Features and benefits of Freight Management Software in Australia

  • Simple to use: The software is built from the ground and has evolved with customer feedback, making it thorough and easy to use.
  • Always available: OpenFreight is compatible. Hence, you can access the software from any device at your convenience.
  • Enterprise-grade: The cloud-based software is highly-scalable, secure, and architecturally sound.
  • Easy Integration: Our expert integrators have solutions that make it easy to integrate OpenFreight with whichever system your business functions on.
  • Least Cost Routing: The software has a rich routing feature that provides you with the lowest cost route, decreasing your time to compare routes.
  • Feature Packed: Designed and developed with your perspective and feedback, OpenFreight never fails to function.


Return Logistics with OpenFreight


Managing third party shipments and getting freight back is a challenging, costly and time-consuming task. For this reason, we have developed a return logistics functionality into OpenFreight to ensure you remain in control of your goods, whatever the journey.


Perfect for Returns


OpenFreight can initiate a return and track its progress in just one click. Surprisingly, you can incorporate this feature into your existing system.


Third-Party Shipments Covered


Third-party shipments shouldn’t be challenging. The freight management software gives you control over what is shipping, who is shipping, where is it going, and how much will it cost.


Collection Complete

The software keeps track of collection time. All you have to do is, ask the third party to select a collection date and time window.


Proactive Notifications


The freight management software for Australian business owners is equipped with features to notify them about shipping and delivery. You get notified on everything from the tailored reporting to dispatch notifications and delivery.


Track and trace


Track and trace is a powerful and universal multi-carrier freight tracking solution, enabling you to know the whereabouts of each shipment and delivery. Each phase of shipping is traceable through a tracking page.


Bespoke Last-Mile Notifications


OpenFreight has a personal touch for you and your customers on shipment tracking. We make it easy for you to brand your freight tracking page and notifications to give a holistic ordering experience to your customers.

We are constantly updating and improving our freight management software with customers’ feedback to ensure that we deliver the best service to our customers in terms of features.


After all, OpenFreight – the freight management software in Australia is a market leader in the freight industry.

You can send your enquiries, on anything and everything freight, online or give us a call on 1300 844 373 or +61 3 9809 7400.


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