Web Application Security – Everything You Should Know

Find services that are also concerned about web application security. Having a feature-rich web app would be vain if it’s unsecured. Therefore, we have some important details about making secure apps and websites and our approach to creating secure web apps.


What is Web Application Security Testing

Web app security testing is a process to assess web applications for various security flaws, loopholes, and vulnerabilities. It is essential to prevent cyber attacks, data breaches, and malware. Threats are ever existing. But careful security testing highlights all hidden vulnerable points that may be on the verge of exploitation by hackers.  

Importance of Web App Security Testing

Digital transformation has offered innumerable benefits to different industries. However, like the second face of the coin, there are some troubles too. Cyber threats and hackers are a few problems that you should be protecting your business applications from. 

While web app development solutions continuously raise security standards, hackers come up with new, sophisticated techniques to break through them. Therefore, it’s crucial to conduct regular security testing to stay above the vulnerabilities that can be used against your app. 

For a long time, cybersecurity was put in the backseat as developers were least concerned about the impact of this negligence. Only when companies started losing millions and news headlines were filled with security breaches has this changed. 

Cyber attacks are scarier than they seem. Mentioned below are some benefits of paying attention to web app development security.  


1. Identify Vulnerabilities and Flaws in Web Apps

One of the most important benefits of security testing is that it unveils all vulnerabilities and flaws that can cause trouble. For every web application development company, security testing is a crucial step of the development life cycle. As a result, developers are mindful of how security tests can make applications more reliable and follow the same at different stages.  

2. Comply with Security Regulations

As a result of increasing cyber-attacks and data breaches, several security standards and laws were set for specific industries and their web applications. In order to protect the users’ interests, web app security testing is made mandatory for almost all industries. It’s especially applicable to sensitive sectors like e-commerce, banking, and finance.  

3. Analyze and Improve Current Security

Web security check helps in detecting any loopholes in your system and ensure adherence to current security measures. Even the firewall that is meant to protect your web app can have vulnerabilities. Regular security checks help in detecting these problems and rectifying the weaknesses before they take a toll on your business.  

4. Detect Any Abnormal Activities and Security 

Regular security audits help in detecting any hacker behavior or security breaches going on with the application. In fact, according to IBM, it takes an average of 196 days for a company to recognize a security breach within their system. 

5. Formulate a Security Plan 

Using the details of a security audit, companies can prepare an effective security plan and prioritize responses against a hack or breach. It will also help in planning out incident responses according to your app or business.  Moreover, you will anyway require guidance from experts. 


Steps to Perform Manual Web App Security Testing 

Although you may not be able to make it without professional help, a little information never hurts. Here are the steps that we follow as a web application development company to manually test web apps. 

1) Asset Discovery 

2) Look for Outdated Versions 

3) Check for Various Permissions 

4) Check for Security Protocols 

5) Penetration Test to Analyze Code Rigidity 

6) Database Security Check 

7) Run Configuration Tests 

8) Check Network Assets 

9) Business Logic 

10) Client-side Logic 

11) Input Validation 

12) Authentication and Session Management 

13) Configurations 

14) Check for Authorization 



Secure Web Application Development at Narola Infotech 

There will always be a few vulnerabilities with your undertakings. But it should not keep you from grabbing the lucrative opportunities that come through well-designed web apps. You just need to choose a web app development company wisely.

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