Ewan the Sheep | Baby Toy

How can a little stuffed toy bring peace to a screaming baby? The answer is that it can't- but the right one can. Ewan the Sheep, is a soft, cuddly baby sleep toy for children aged 3 months to 2 years. It encourages a restful and cozy sleep with his calming presence and friendly face.  It is also known for its unique design that has 4 different soothing sounds. 

The toy is known for its soft and plush body, which calms and soothes babies, who often have trouble falling asleep. The design of the sheep is based on the way mothers carry their babies and the babies' favorite toys. It has a careful balance of heartbeat sound that creates a womb-like environment and soft, fluffy ears that comfort the child right before bedtime. Ewan the Dream Sheep, is an ideal baby sleep toy for colicky babies who need something to cuddle with.

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