How Do I Recover The Disappeared Emails On The Gmail?

Have you lost the emails from your google account? well, this is a very common problem that appears on your account due to the various issues. one of which is incorrect filter settings. so if you are loosing the emails from your Gmail account and wanna know about how to recover the missing emails. do not worry, here are the guide for you. you can apply it on your device. 

Reasons for Gmail missing emails -

If you want to know the reasons for Why my Gmail messages are missing? here are the guide for it. 

1. Filters are deleting the account. 

2. Gmail cookies or cache settings are missing. 

3. Gmail account settings like- Pop3 or computer settings are incorrect. 

How to fix Gmail missing emails problem on your phone or computer?

Log in the Gmail account - 

If some messages are missing from your Gmail account, you need to log out the gmail account. now sign in the gmail account. it will start working fine.

Mark the email as not spam -

When your messages are missing from the Gmail account but emails are available in the junk mail. you need to go to the spam mail. here you need to select the gmail as not spam. also, you need to go to the mail settings, and click on the filters. here you need to delete the filter. 

Delete the Filters - 

Sometimes, Gmail won't let me sign in because of the filter issues. when Gmail is not working on the phone, you need to remove the current account. now re-add the gmail account. It will start working fine on your device. 

  • Open the settings. 
  • Click on the see all settings. 
  • Now click on the Filters and forwarding address. 
  • Now choose the Filters and click on the delete button. 
Finally, the filters will be deleted. 

Clear the cache - 
sometimes, Gmail missing emails because of the cache because of the sound settings. so you need to delete the cache. after that, your device will start working fine. 
So these are the steps to fix the Gmail missing emails. in case, if you need more help, you need to visit askprob blogs. there you will find the complete guide .
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