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What got me, was that there is kids waiting in line behind them. So not only was she a osrs gold bad example to her kids, but other people's kids too.A mother and her two kids had grabbed half the bowl. After seeing me, she yelled at her kids not to take so much.and then, the action to remove is never accomplished. I personally feel harassed, as his items block my entryway to my unit frequently (items change daily).

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You have freedom of speech and press so you don't have to listen to someone tell you a lie. Get copies from a law library or a regualar library on acts of negligence. Pass out during a home owners meeting and tell them it was done by a lawyer. A company or organization can be sued for intent negligence. Imcompetence as well. Do your homework.

They can't stop you. Get a small tape recorder and tape the meetings.People who found this post inaccurate:So far, you've got a drug user (you think). You've got a bum son in law who you want to get rid of. You've got somebody who works on their cars in the parking lot who (you think) is stealing cable. And, now you've got a neighbor who has put an unregistered car in his parking place.

Oh, migawd an unregistered car can you believe that? I don't know know what's wrong with these people. Don't they know who you are? You're important. You're a spokesperson. You represent people. You have to clean things up around there. I understand.Hello to Scott Gem and ExCon. I appreciate the replies. Yes, issues sometimes arise that are frustrating,

and your replies and posts are very well received by this POSTER. I appreciate the comments, and although you aren't living next to a silly guy, or have a daughter with a debilitating disease (she didn't ask for it, and unfortunately wanted a spouse, picked an odd bloke), you've provided some valid and thought provoking opinions.Both replies are appreciated.

You mean, Adobe, Acrobat, QuickTime, etc. can actually be closed and free space but will stay there if needed later? Umm, will you pretend I'm 10 years old and.

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