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Facing a serious or life-threatening diagnosis can be House of Shrooms, especially if a person feels anxious about the death itself or what may occur afterward. A few studies suggest that psychotherapy can alleviate these existing fears, as well as the anxiety and depression associated with them.

A 2016 study of

29 cancer patients who had anxiety or depression related to their diagnosis compared those who received a single dose of psilocybin mushrooms with those who received a placebo. Psilocybin reduced cancer-related anxiety, despair, and panic attacks immediately after dosing. At 6.5 months, 60 to 80% of the psilocybin group continued to report improvements in depression and anxiety.

Another 2016 study of 51 people with life-threatening cancers reached similar conclusions. Participants took a dose of psilocybin or a lower dose similar to a placebo of psilocybin. The high-dose psilocybin group reported significant improvements in many functional domains, including emotional development and relationships.

  • This improvement progressed in
  • 80% of participants with the
  • Researchers following 6 months later

In both studies, participants reported unexplained information, or spiritistic information. This can help a person to see death, feel like everything is connected, or better see their divine version. These experiences, both the lessons learned, the lemon levels of anxiety and depression. This suggests that inexplicable experiences may contribute to the mental health benefits of psychedelics.

Depression and anxiety

Psychedelic therapy can also alleviate the symptoms of depression and anxiety in people who do not notice serious illnesses.

2020 Review Reliable Source has reported in 24 previous studies on psychedelic drugs to treat anxiety symptoms. It said 65% of subjects reported a decrease in anxiety in psychedelics, although the subjects were small and some had behavioral problems.

A 2021 study asked

164 people who reported experiencing psychedelic to discuss their mental health symptoms. Participants reported a significant reduction in depression, anxiety, and depression following a psychedelic experience. The analysis revealed that the participants were also very compassionate and not always caring.

However, because the study relied on self-report, it does not completely prove that psychedelic experiences can affect mental health. Instead, it suggests how psychedelics can improve mental health, which is to feel more compassionate and less depressing with negative thoughts.

The 2017 study looked at people with treatment-resistant depression. The researchers gave 20 people with severe depression two doses of psilocybin for 7 days at a time, followed by 6 months.

The researchers saw

A significant decrease in symptoms in the first 5 weeks after treatment. By 5 weeks, nine participants had responded to treatment, and four had experienced remission of depression. Participants are more likely to develop their depressive symptoms if they experience a psychedelic quality experience during a dose of the drug.

Post-traumatic stress (PTSD)

The psychedelic effects of hallucinogenic drugs can help alleviate the effects of trauma, but research has so far produced mixed results.

The 2020 Systematic Review looks at four MDMA studies and five ketamine treatment trauma studies. Evidence supporting ketamine alone was very low, whereas ketamine evidence for psychotherapy was low. The researchers found moderate evidence supporting the effectiveness of MDMA.

Another 2020 study followed by gay AIDS survivors who reported feeling depressed. Participants attended eight to 10 times of group treatment, and received a single dose of psilocybin. At 3 months, the researchers experienced a significant clinical decrease in participants' symptoms of depression.


Emerging research suggests that psychotherapy can help alleviate some of the symptoms of addiction. Addiction and other symptoms of mental illness A reliable source, such as depression, often happens together, which can help explain the benefits. Perhaps by reducing some of the symptoms of mental illness, psychedelics make it easier to break free from drug abuse.

A 2015 psychiatric study recruited 10 alcoholic volunteers to receive psilocybin treatment and a form of psychotherapy called motivational enhancement therapy. During the first four weeks, when House of Shrooms received only psychotherapy, alcohol use did not decrease. After taking psilocybin, the participants drank heavily.

  1. Participants who had extensive
  2. Psychedelic experience may
  3. Have stopped drinking

A 2016 study suggests that psilocybin may be helping people to quit smoking. Researchers recruited 15 volunteers to obtain both a psilocybin and a smoking cessation program.

One year later, 67% had successfully quit smoking, and within 16 months, 16% had stopped smoking. These levels of success are much higher than those that doctors usually see with other medications or treatment alone.

Ibogaine is another combination of plants that early research suggests may be helpful in treating addiction. Learn more about it here.

Dietary disorders

The inexplicable and psychedelic experience a person undergoes psychotherapy may remove his or her body image from unhealthy thoughts, which may alleviate the symptoms of eating disorders.

Reports of a systematic 2020 review of people receiving psychiatric House of Shrooms for eating disorders, many of whom claim that their experiences while under the influence of drugs have given them new insights that have encouraged them to adopt healthier habits.

People with eating disorders often have other symptoms of mental illness, so mental health treatment may alleviate the symptoms that lead to an unhealthy diet. A 2020 study of 28 people with a history of eating disorders found that psychedelics significantly reduced the reported depressive symptoms of participants.

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