Top Cruise lines of US

The people who know which plans to choose consider cruising is the best price vacation offer because it provides accommodation, entertainment, and world-class cuisines with a beautiful sea view. But everyone does not have enough knowledge to determine which Cruise can provide them with the best services according to their budget.

In this article, let us discuss some of the cruise lines in the United States that offer the best plans to different locations and routes. Make sure you read all the points carefully and do some background research before booking with any respective cruise line. Due to the pandemics, some rules and regulations got formed for shore excursions, amenities, group activities, and dining areas.

List of top Cruise lines in the US

Norwegian Cruise Line

It has been placed as the top Rose line in America by users’ choice awards. These ships have a capacity that can accommodate around 5000 passengers. It is an old company, but they started their venture of mega shapes in 2010 after incorporating the Norwegian epic vessel. There are many mega-ships that tour the United States, Mediterranean sea, and Caribbean sea.

It is a luxurious vacation with many exclusive amenities racing water parks, pools, rides, music, gaming, and world-class cuisines. You can get a great time as a couple enjoying a mature ambiance. Norwegian Encore is the recent ship launched by the company which packs the most leisure experience.

Costa Cruises

It is an Italian company running in America for a long time.  This venture got started in 1854 by transporting cargo like olive oil and clothing materials to the trading countries of the world. In 1959, they incorporated a luxurious Cruise business. The owners already had much experience in the ship business, so they elevated their cruise line within a few years and made it a great hit.

Currently, the company sails 11 ships that come under mega ships carrying passengers ranging from 2000 to 5000. These ships travel almost to every part of the globe, so it is an excellent option for people looking for a long voyage. In 2021 they launched the highest tech and most luxurious vessel called Costa Toscana

NYC skyline dinner cruise

It is a one-night-out cruise experience with fancy dinner and entertainment services. They give you a leisurely experience throughout the city rivers with three-course meal. You get a 360-degree sea view of NYC, and can visit all the decks on the ship including the best Skydeck. Here you can create content for social media and memorable pictures with your love once.

The vessel has three decks known as the first, upper deck, and sky view. Every passenger has a book table with a private and live music experience. You can purchase unlimited alcohol on the board and get a complimentary glass of their best champagne. Apart from the three-course meal, you can choose your dessert and appetizer according to your taste.

Carnival Cruise Line

This travel partner is a perfect pic for family vacations tight on budget. They have multiple plans and offers that you can choose from according to your preference. It has been declared the biggest Cruise company to carry more than 5 million annual passengers in its ships. The tours consist of America and countries in Europe carrying around 2000 4000 passengers in one fleet. Read more about - Iona cruise ship reviews.

It is famous for its amenities and fun activities. The people who choose the upper deck can visit the amusement parks, rides, games, etc. They have a mini golf area for adults indulging in outdoor activities. People who like adventurous sports can choose Skyride. In this activity the guest gets tied to a rope with a peddle vehicle in the air.

Bay Voyager

This cruise line is for people who love excursions. They mainly take up tours of San Francisco and provide the best vessel for a comfortable voyage. They have the latest technology ship that gives the passengers warmth and prevents them from seasickness. The route starts with Pier 39, and then you switch to that 12-passenger ship that carries you under the golden gate, and some famous bridges showcase in the city view. They make sure that you do not need any binoculars because you can see it all up close.

They have a user-friendly refund policy that gets utilized within five days before departure. You can also ready schedule your tickets to any other date by informing them within four days. As per the company policies, if your trip gets canceled due to weather conditions, you will get up full refund without any charge


We have given a list of the five best American cruises famous for their amenities and user-friendly experience. You can choose any one of them according to your preferences and budget. Make sure to compare them before making any substantial purchase.

Please share your experience with us in the comment section. We love hearing from you.





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