Swimming Pool Filtering System

A swimming pool filtering system can keep the water clear and safe to swim in. These systems are designed to remove even the tiniest particles that are able to damage the water's surface. A diatomaceous earth filter, also called a water polisher, sieves out the smallest particles. They are more expensive than sand filters and cartridge filters and require more maintenance. However, they are the most effective filter available.

The filtering system has a switch to stop it from clogging up. The switch is located on the outlet side of the pump. The filtering device has a dashpot linkage that responds to the opening or closure of the outlet valve to automatically stop pump operation after a predetermined period of time. The swimming pool filtering system also includes an expandable member that is disposed of on the upstream side of the particulate filter substrate. The water pressure pushes the expandable member upstream, which knocks the filter particles off the substrate and into a homogeneous mixture.

The filtering device may include a spectroscopic device for analyzing the fluid flowing through the swimming pool filtering system. The device may receive fluid through a single skimmer or may have more than one opening for receiving pool fluid. In any case, the device may be located in a skimmer and feedback through pipes 146 to outlet 130. A spectroscopic device 80 may also be installed in a pump's skimmer.

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