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Twelve of the 20 people who ate the mushrooms they collected from Gölcük Nature Park were poisoned. SDU Faculty of Medicine Faculty Member Assist.Assoc.Dr. Nihat buy edibles canada Şengeze stated that the effect of toxic mushroom is veritably different compared to other species, and" nausea and puking" do in poisoning. Still, such a situation didn't do in the case. The way of poisoning is different. That is why everyone should be careful,'' he said. SDU Health Services Vocational School Educator Dr. Ömer Faruk Çolak, on the other hand, states that the fungus is'' Paralepistopsis amoenolens''; He said that it was detected for the first time in Turkey.


In Gölcük Nature Park, a platoon of 20 people ate the mushrooms they collected from the timber area. 12 people were poisoned, 2 of them seriously. SDU Faculty of Medicine Faculty Member Assist.Assoc.Dr. Nihat Şengeze stated that all 12 people are in good health at the moment. SDU Health Services Vocational School EducatorDr. Ömer Faruk Çolak, on the other hand, stated that the fungus is Paralepistopsis amoenolens, which is the first time it has been seen in Turkey.
Everyone should be careful, the way of poisoning is different

SDU Faculty of Medicine Department of Neurology Lecturer Assist.Assoc.Dr. Nihat Şengeze said that this species is veritably different from normal poisonings. Şengeze said “ Individualities had complaints that started 3-4 days after mushroom consumption.'Neuropathic Pain', which we named as'Allodynia',''- Whim-whams- began pain'' was detected and he was started to be followed up with the primary opinion of'' Erythromelalgia''. Presently, Associate Professor of Neurology Department in our Neurology Clinic.Dr. Hasan Rifat Koyuncuoğlu,Assoc.Dr. Vedat Ali Yurekli and Help.Assoc.Dr. We follow along with Melike Doğan Ünlü.


The condition of our cases is presently perfecting. Of course, we don't want to consume mushrooms unconsciously in this way. We'd like to advise all our citizens in this respect. Fungus can do in nature, especially in sticky times. This may attract some people to consume mushrooms; But it's veritably parlous for people who can not distinguish between' toxic'and'non-poisonous' species to consume similar mushrooms.”


Isparta Health Services Vocational School EducatorDr. Ömer Faruk Çolak participated the following information “ When the incident was reported to us, we first did what had to be done in case of mushroom poisoning. We tried to identify the type of fungus. Families of our cases brought samples of leavings. When we examined these samples, and when we examined the samples attained from the poisoned cases in the field study we conducted in the same region, we understood that the species was'' Paralepistopsis amoenolens''''-Clitocybe amoenolens-''.


This species is first plant in Morocco. Also it's discovered from France, Italy and Spain. A species that has noway been plant in our country. And indeed a new record at the' Strain' position. The same kind is in France, in Italy.

This species has noway been reported in our country ahead. Because of this poisoning, we linked this species. And we will give a new record to our country's"Turkish Mycobiota"in the near future. Mixed with the common"Lepista"and"Clitocybe" species; we're faced with a rare mushroom species, some of which can be distinguished as a result of bitsy examinations. It'll be the fifth record of the mushroom we're talking about in the world. It's seen that a analogous type of poisoning caused poisoning in Japan in the 19th century.


Citizens should surely not collect or eat mushrooms that they don't know.”

There are common misconceptions among the people, as we encountered in this case. It's like'if you eat the mushroom by boiling or boiling it, it will not poison you'. Absolutely wrong information …'The mushrooms eaten by wolves aren't toxic


Absolutely wrong information …' Eating mushrooms with garlic yoghurt doesn't beget poisoning'…'It removes soil bane with mushrooms'…'Mushrooms grown in this region aren't toxic'These are all false information It shouldn't be forgotten that comestible species can grow side by side with toxic species in nature. Attention should be paid''

Still, it's necessary to apply to the' Public Bane Information Center 114'and the nearest health institution with the mushroom samples consumed, without wasting any time, If in mistrustfulness.''


Nurettin Karagözoğlu, who was poisoned by the mushroom he ate and was treated at the SDU Faculty of Medicine, participated his gests as follows “ This is the first time I've had mushroom poisoning. Typically I'm not a person who likes mushrooms veritably much. We went with the recommendation of a friend, we collected it. At first I allowed I was starting to get the flu. The first symptoms were severe sneezing, malaise.


Also my bases started to have severe pain. My bases started to collect water and swell. My toes were paining so poorly that they would break off. May Allah not show it to anyone, that is, it wasn't an inexpressible pain and pain. No bone should eat mushrooms by picking them from nature, timber, mountain and pitch, indeed if it's on purpose. That is my advice.”

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