China supply 7" cut off disc

 1. Material research     Cutting disc is one of the key components of casting equipment. It requires good surface quality and high heat resistance. The strength and impact resistance of cast iron parts mainly depend on the number of alloying elements.China supply 7" cut off disc Therefore, studying the material of castings becomes an important issue.     2. The research of casting technology     In order to pursue high-performance cutting blades, the company puts higher requirements on the surface quality and processing precision of the cutting disc than the national standard. This puts high demands on the processing technology, and the thin flat cutting disc produced finally breaks through the difficulty of the casting process. .     3. The performance advantage of thin flat cutting disc     1) Sharp cutting and high processing efficiency;     2) High rigidity, long service life, high pressure work without pressure;     3) High precision, can be used for precision cutting, smooth cutting without collapse;
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