Grinding processing application of fast working grinding wheel

  1. Usingthe resin fast working grinding wheel, resin and rubber guide wheel, on the centerless grinding machine, using the flexible positioning method, using the outer circumferential surface of the grinding wheel, the centerless or outer circular surface of the rotational symmetry is centerlessly ground.
  2. Grind the threaded grinding wheel with a special resin grinding wheel. On the thread grinder, threading of the thread with high precision and surface roughness, the thread of the measuring machine, the thread of the measuring tool and the threaded part of the hardening process. Such as thread, worm, tap, hob, gauge, etc. with taper thread, multi-start thread, parallel thread and other grinding.
  3. Using an epoxy resin honing wheel and a double cone, butterfly, double butterfly, worm wheel, etc., on the gear grinding machine, gear grinding of the hardened gear.
  4. With resin strong grinding wheel, in tool grinding, for cutting tool materials with high hardness, hardness, wear resistance and sufficient strength and toughness, such as carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high speed steel, Carbide, etc., tool grinding to achieve the desired accuracy, surface roughness and correct geometry, making the cutting edge with high sharpness and durability.
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