Diamond fine grinding sheet specifications

I have previously introduced diamond high quality grinding disc with many times. High-precision optical parts such as photographic objective lenses, prisms and filters are polished after classical fine grinding or diamond refining. After polishing, the polishing molds made of asphalt, polyurethane polishing dies and the like are used. , zirconia and other polishing powder. The polishing process is to remove the altered layer produced during the previous process, and obtain an optical surface having no defects in appearance and surface accuracy. Currently. The fixed abrasive grinding method using diamond refining sheets is gradually replacing the classical grinding, and the polishing process has begun to test the fixed abrasive.


Diamond fine grinding pellet specifications

Outer diameter: DΦ4MM- Φ30MM

Diamond thickness: T3MM-10MM, divided into two types: pill and total.

Diamond particle size: 300#-3000#

Long service life, effective stabilization of the aperture; long service life of a single dressing, the consistency of the processed product size.

Bond type: bronze or resin

Diamond type: diameter DΦ4MM- Φ55MM, thickness T5, T10

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