Top 5 Reasons Why People Lie about Microdosing Shrooms


Mushroom used in Traditional Chinese Drug to ameliorate the functions microdosing shrooms of the spleen, lungs and bladder as a diuretic and amping.The sclerotia of Poria Cocos was the component of some formulas for the treatment of the skin of the women of the court of Imperial China, which allowed to maintain a clean skin and averted the conformation of pustules, papules and wrinkles.



- Taste sweet, mellow

- Nature neutral

- Meridians Heart, Spleen, Order (Lung, Small Intestine)

Goods Induces diuresis and drains moistness, strengthens the Spleen, calms the mind

Suggestions Urinary problems, numbness, edema, diarrhea, Spleen failure with accumulation of pathogenic moistness, fatigue, apathy, loose droppings, pulsations, wakefulness, restlessness


Also known as"Chinese Black Mushroom", it's known in oriental drug for itsanti-inflammatory, antitumor and blood pressure regulating parcels.

- taste sweet

- Nature neutral

- Meridians Stomach, liver, large intestine

Goods Nourishes Qi and blood, refreshes blood and stops bleeding, hydrates lungs and supports stomach, hydrates blankness and unblocks bowel, relaxes tendons, drains collaterals, soothes body.

Suggestions Qi reduction, branch spasms, lung failure causing cough, coughing up blood, hemoptysis, bleeding (nasal, epoxies, petechiae,etc.), postpartum prostration, inordinate leucorrhoea, metrorrhagia, dysentery with bleeding, constipation, consequences of trauma (after a blow or fall), flatulence with hemorrhoidal bleeding.


The overall effect of this formula is to intensively strengthen the Qi and nourish the blood, in addition to toning the Order and calming the mind.

Contains equal corridor greasepaint of Cordyceps sinensis, Ganoderma lucidum (reishi) and Lentinula edodes (shiitake). It contains both the mycelium and the primordia (the fruiting body or youthful carpophore of the fungus), cultivated in a biomass, which develops in a substrate castrated in an autoclave.

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