Standing several hours a day could help you lose weight

In recent years, sedentary behavior has been blamed for the obesity epidemic, cardiovascular disease, and causes of diabetes. Population-based studies report that adults in the United States spend more than seven hours a day sitting. European countries range from 3.2 to 6.8 hours of sitting per day.

"Standing for long periods of time may seem unmanageable for many adults, especially those who work at desks, but for people who sit 12 hours a day, cutting that sitting time in half can make a big difference, benefits," said Dr. Lopez-Jimenez. The authors acknowledge that more research is needed to demonstrate whether sitting instead of standing is effective and whether standing for extended periods of time has long-term health effects.

In recent years, people have been encouraged moderate to vigorous physical activity in their daily lives in an effort to maintain and lose weight and reduce the risk of heart disease, he said. But individuals cited obstacles, such as time, motivation, or use of facilities.

Here comes some brief recommendation about some fitness facilities about stand up desk to you, without nothing to do while keeping your health.

FEZiBO is the perfect adjustable height desk for both environmentally and aesthetically conscious standing desk users.

For the desktop, it uses sustainable bamboo grown without pesticides or fertilizers and finishes it with our super tough UV-cured, water-based polyurethane coating. The desk’s frame is one of many reasons Jarvis has been named the best standing desk. It has an industry-leading lifting capacity of 158 kg, and its LED programmable handset lets you quickly adjust from low enough for a child to sit to high enough for a 2 m tall person to stand.

FEZIBO bamboo is available in two shapes, seven sizes, and a selection of accessories to build out your active workspace.


All desk frames can deal with various user scenarios, specifically for users with heights between 5'7" and 6'4". But our 3-stage Frame goes even beyond. Its height adjustment range is from 24.4" to 49.6", which is also suitable for users taller than 6'4" and children under the height of 5'.

The Necessity to Own a Desk

We all know that sitting for a long time hurts the body, and this has become the consensus for almost everyone. Sitting for a long time can slow down the blood circulation in the local body, which appears numb the hands and feet. The condition, especially the poor blood circulation in the buttocks, will increase the probability of hemorrhoids. In addition, sitting for a long time can cause the lumbar spine to bear greater pressure, ranging from soreness to severe cervical spondylosis. Compared with ordinary desks, electric lift desks can effectively solve the above problems. The electric lift desk provides an alternate way of sitting and standing.
We can change the posture at any time so that the blood circulation of the body can be restored smoothly, and the stretching of the body is freer. Here we must give you popular scientific knowledge about the force of the spine in different postures. The ratio of spinal compression is 25% when a person is lying on his back, and it would turn out to 75% when standing, 100% standing, 150% sitting upright, 180% leaning forward, and 270% leaning forward while sitting.

Options for your choices

Triple Motor L-Shaped Standing Desk

standing desk electric

standing desks with drawers

standing desks with drawers

Brasa Electric Standing Desk

standing l shaped desk

sit stand corner desk

There is an LED display on the desktop side of the Lego electric lift table that can display the height in real-time. The height lift keys are easy to understand, and there are multiple heights adjustable to meet the needs of different groups of people. There are multiple storage boxes on the desktop, which are very practical in office scenarios.1. Many electric adjustable desks are not equipped with cable storage boxes. It is a safety hazard to place them at will. It is best to equip one by yourself.
2. The lifting table is also mechanical equipment, which requires regular inspection and maintenance. Generally speaking, mainly checking the screws of the lifting column to see if there is any looseness.
If there are signs of movement, the general inspection time is once every three months.
3. Although the electric lift table with a solid wood table top is more resistant to dirt, it is inevitable to accumulate ash after long-term use. We need to clean up regularly, can
Wipe with a traditional rag, or you can suck in the dust with a small vacuum cleaner. All in all, the more washing, the cleaner
4. Timely change of sitting and standing office posture is conducive to the circulation of blood in the body parts. Generally, it takes 20 minutes to stand for 50 minutes of sitting. No matter how busy work is
Also remember to rest properly, after all, the body is the capital of the revolution.

When the motor is working up and down, the desktop can remain stable without shaking, and the noise is less than 49dB, which is lighter than the sound of the keyboard. Large-capacity storage drawers can meet the needs of daily use

A better workspace: Start with your desk

If you want a space where you can feel good in your body and do your best work, the most valuable thing you can do is begin by investing in an adjustable-height desk.

FEZiBO aims at making great designs available to everyone. This Height‑adjustable desk with three electric motors and a programmable controller lives up to all your WFH demands.

This standing desk is designed for our customers, who need to work with plenty of electric devices. The L-shaped desktop is large enough to easily handle three monitors and two laptops.

We believe employee culture is built on compassion, respect, equality, diversity, and inclusion. By honoring every individual’s talents, ideas, and unique backgrounds, we empower them to develop their abilities to the fullest potential.

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