An Introduction to Standing Desk

What is a corner desk or an L-shaped desk?

Ever heard the saying "Sedentary equals smoking"? This is not a slogan without a scientific basis. In his study on the Thermogenesis of Non-Exercise Behaviour (NEAT), Dr. James Levine explored the negative effects of the modern office lifestyle of "sitting 13 hours, sleeping 8 hours and moving 3 hours" on our bodies.

We sit on the way to work, at the office, at lunch, and at various daily activities. Dr. Levine noted that all of this sitting time has been linked to a variety of serious health problems, including obesity.

A corner (or standing desk small), one of a standing desk, are able to you to make full of your office space, with the ability to mix and match the 'wings' of your desk and achieve a perfect fit for your workplace. The desk provides an expansive work surface with an L-shaped design. The shape makes it ideal for cornerworkstations, and the extra space gives you more than enough room for all your desktop material and to get work done! This L-shaped sit-stand desk's L-shape is interchangeable between both left and right to suit any environment!

standing desk

Why should you opt for a corner / L-shaped desk?

A corner desk enables you to tuck your desk into the tightest of locations, ensuring it is well-spaced from other desks or that it can integrate into a non-standard-shaped office. This helps you make the best use of your workplace and locate team members exactly where you and they may wish.

  • L-shaped work desk for home or office; ideal for computer or creative work, extra desk space, and more convenient, modern design that maximizes space by fitting into the corner of any room
  • Durable metal frame and finished particleboard desktop
  • Open-front storage shelves below and cutout at the back corner for easy cord management
  • Easy assembly with provided instructions and hardware

Corner desks are cost-effective

If you are working for multiple clients, keeping relevant documentation in separate areas of your work surface will help reduce the time spent scrabbling for information and switching from one project to another. Facing into a corner in a busy office can also help you retain focus rather than getting distracted by colleagues and general workplace activity.

Protecting Your Back

Office workers spend the better part of their day sitting in front of a desk, and experts have reiterated that adjustable height desk has; negative effects. Therefore, getting the right lumbar support chair that supports back pain can be an excellent investment to exacerbate the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

For Who

Standing desk electric deciding whether you need to start with a lift desk varies from person to person. The core function of the lifting table is that it can be raised and lowered. On the one hand, the table can be adjusted to a suitable height, sitting upright, suitable for many people in the family;
On the other hand, it can be adjusted to the height of standing and working and working alternately while standing and sitting. For people who sit for a long time, it can reduce the harm of sitting for a long time to the waist, neck, and other body parts.
So, if you buy a lift table, do you not use the lift function much? It depends on two aspects. One is whether the lifting function of the lifting table is convenient. I've seen people buy a small hand-cranked desk, rock it for a long time each time, and then don't lift it much. So if you want to stand and sit alternately, buy an electric one that is convenient and has a high memory function, allowing one button to reach the specified height without spending time debugging. On the other hand, it is necessary for your type of work to use the boost function. For example, I work overtime in the company all day and sit all the time on weekends to waste. For my own health, it is necessary for me to alternate standing and sitting at night and on weekends. If you work too hard and forget to alternate between standing and sitting, choose the one with a sedentary reminder function. If you are a salesperson, running around all day, there is no need to sit at home and stand. There is another problem: the tabletop is unstable, it depends on the table: lifting height, the table is mostly two legs, if the table is raised to a high level, it will inevitably shake slightly. A good quality standing corner desk, if not raised to a very high level, usually does not swing. The number of legs on the table: the more legs, the more stable, such as three-legged, four-legged, less shaking, but the more legs, the larger the size of the table, so most people can buy two-legged. If there is more room in the corner for 3 legs and want a more spacious tabletop, you can choose 4 legs.

Feedback on This Production


This best sit stand desk was surprisingly well packaged, easy to build, and seems very sturdy. The materials feel very strong and it does not wobble at all. Took about 1.5 hours to build at a very moderate pace, it looks great and the GF is in love with her new workstation! one of the best purchases you have made from FEZIBO.COM


Wasn't too hard to put together, the corner leg part came bent, despite there not being in box damage but was able to sorta bend it back, it's aluminum. I build a mine on the floor and when I went to stand it up it was scratched to heck and back. I did not shift it around too much. It also has those, I guess, fiberglass shreds or something all over the tabletop pieces. A larger depth would have been nice but for the price, it's not too bad.

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