Horizontal 4 Side Multi Zipper Auto Magazine Type Packing Machine

It is operating parts consist of independent servo systems, so controlling by phase is possible and it is very efficient to improve management, manufacturing capacity, and quality. Especially, sealing rollers of the zipper gives the product stability, prevents from attacking or break away, and extends the life of opening and shutting of zipper. Also, with standardization of components, you can easily replace or operate them, improve productivity, and manage afterwards.Get more news about Magazine Packing Machine,you can vist our website!

The MailWrapper-280 is the low cost alternative to high speed magazine poly bagging.Great for magazines, periodicals, instruction booklets or loose sheets of paper. An operator simply inserts one or several magazines up to 3/4 inch thick into the adjustable forming plow. The film is automatically wrapped around the product and is discharged into a catch tray or optional powered discharge conveyor. For higher speed magazine wrapper ask about the CM-20P High Speed Polywrapper for cycle speeds of up to 120ppm.
Film roll sets on powered film unwind rollers and feeds toward front of machine. Uses single wound polyethylene sheeting, plain or random printed. Maximum film thickness 2 mil. Meets USPS Regulations, if using postal polyethylene.
Poly film feeds through adjustable forming shoe. Operator simply places magazine info forming shoe and releases. Product will automatically drop into sealing area where a photo eye registers the magazines length for cut off and automatic product ejection into a catch tray or optional power conveyor.

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