The Relation of my Experience to the Experience Described in “The Achievement of Desire”

“The Achievement of Desire” is the essay by Richard Rodriguez, literary analysis essay writer, that describes difficulties of life of a working-class family and the academic world. It is evident that the academic world is full of challenges related not only to educational issues but to social problems. These social issues can prevent students from the lower class to integrate the academic world and socialize with others. Consequently, this essay intends to explain the peculiarities of the student’s life in “The Achievement of Desire” and underline the parallel with my personal experience.

“The Achievement of Desire” is a universal essay as readers can find themselves there. While reading it, I absorbed in my own memories full of disappointment, astonishment, experience, desire, and negligence. I cannot say that I was dissatisfied with the learning process at school and did not feel myself a part of class like Richard Rodriguez. However, I understood that social status was crucial even among those who did not earn money and achieve anything in life. It means that the family background also influences one’s position among classmates.

For me as well as for Richard Rodriguez, the school was an alien place as there were its rules and regulations. Consequently, I realized that my achievement would depend on my personal desire as the school could encourage to study as well as deter from it. Some students think that school is a place for meeting friends. The others think that the choice of school demonstrates one’s status in the society. For me, the school was a place for getting good education and promising future. Consequently, I differed from others deserving praises and admiration, undergoing mocking, and criticizing. However, my desire for learning was higher than other people thought. At that time, I was uncertain in my actions. After reading “The Achievement of Desire,” I think that I am on the right path. Now, when I am confident and know my life priorities, I am laughing when I remember that I was sad, because I was successful in learning. It means that, as Richard Rodriguez, I did not want to be different from the other students. Consequently, the secret of every person’s success is related to the endless desire, hard work, and bravery to resist the stereotypes. Moreover, the reasons for success are related to the desire to change and become different.

Rodriguez’s driving force to learning was that his parents had very little schooling. In my case, my parents are educated; therefore, I did not want to be worse than them. Although they could help me, I had never asked them for help. However, such independence only helped me. I have realized that in order to become better, one should always struggle and prove it. Rodriguez’s experience demonstrates that I should not change my way. Moreover, after reading this essay, I felt inspired and motivated to further self-development and self-education.

Imagine a small boy who does not know what school is. At first, he sees school like a place for entertaining and playing. However, as a teenager, he realizes that he needs new knowledge and skills to become more intelligent and successful. Imagine me as a teenager who is not very confident, emotionally unstable, and lonely in his thirst for knowledge. In his desires, Rodriguez tackles a battle between family and education. My psychological battle was between education and negligence of my friends to school. Without a doubt, I did not want to lose friends because of my persistent studying. Consequently, I even tried to hide my additional learning at home.

Time changed me and I became more experienced and wiser. Moreover, now I see everything from the philosophical perspective as everything that I have gained at my school is extremely helpful and useful for me. “The Achievement of Desire” helped me to realize the truth and wisdom that knowledge is power. One should not feel ashamed about being educated and knowledgeable. In childhood, the term ‘scholarship boy’ was offensive for me. However, now a full capability of learning at school as well as at home is the basement for the achievement of desires and fulfillment of objectives. As a university student, I think that it is necessary to perceive any challenge or obstacle as testing for bravery, persistence, intelligence, and competence.

Richard Rodriguez had more difficulties in becoming more educated as he did not consider his parents as an example to follow. However, his education helped him to realize that he was wrong and his shame was addressed to himself. Regarding my parents, they have created a favorable learning environment for me and become a leading role for me. I consider education as a way to understand my life priorities and myself.

In conclusion, it is important to mention that the secrets of desire achievement are very simple. People know them, but they do not want to admit that they know them. From “The Achievement of Desire,” it is clear that people can be wise and successful if they are hard-working, persistent, curious, confident, and reasonable. Moreover, they should always have close people as parents who can advise, help or support in times of hardships. My experience shows that it is necessary to be self-critical and determinant, and follow only personal desires. Moreover, one should not worry about economic and social status as it is not a determinant of success.

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