Hydrostatic Testing

GIFTS, being one of the top most engineering solutions and technical service providers in Middle East, offer a wide range of services such as testing & calibration of process field equipment, numerous engineering services like gas engineering, analytical engineering, instrumentation products, different packages and training services in the field of protective coatings & Laboratory Calibration Services . We also provides a bunch of onsite and in site services like high pressure testing services, Hydrostatic Testing, analytical and gas services within cost effective and money saving packages. Since 2010, by embracing leading edge technologies together with our splendid team we have done a list of contributions in the energy, hydrocarbons, power, education, industrial, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, defence, aviation, aerospace, and manufacturing, research & development sectors. We achieved such a reach within a short span of time through our basic business units, such as Calibration, Gas, Analytical, Training and Certification Services. We are providing number one On site Oxygen Gas generation services .  The ultimate conveniences that we ensure throughout our project time like worldwide shipping, online equipment management system, email notifications on every steps, Instrument pickup and delivery and our accurate and rapid services helps our client to concentrate on their works without any concern. Our onsite and in-site services facilitate eliminating shipping costs and delays, and also curtail instrument downtime and the need for spares and thereby minimize interruptions to overall manufacturing process. High pressure testing services that we provide are highly reliable, cost effective and time saving and also environment friendly. We also step forward into training and service programs such as SSPC Applicator Train-the-Trainer course, GIFTS calibration certification programme. We offer couple of certification courses like, surface preparation and coating application, inspection, coatings technology, management and safety, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, Quality Control Supervisor (QCS) etc. Each and every equipment we use is of highest standards and traceability under National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the USA and all our procedures where specified meet or exceed relevant to ISO 1700-1. GIFTS care for safety, health, quality standards and environment care and also our first priority in everything we do in our business yet.  Let us trust and esteem, and step towards and built a new tomorrow.

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