I came across a line of office furniture lately

I came across a line of office furniture lately that looked really nice and started at a decent price point, it was called Harmony. I decided to do a bit more research about the company, but it took me three clicks to find it because there are some other Harmony furniture companies out there. The first one, Harmony Furniture, specializes in TV furniture and accessories, so I knew they were not who I was looking for. The second one was called Harmony Cedar, which makes beautiful hard wood furniture, but only for the home, not the office. The next promising link was to the Storlie Company, which in the site description boasted, "Harmony is your best choice for commercial grade office furnishings!". Yes, Storlie is who I was looking for.

The Storlie Company is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and have been around since 1952, almost 60 years. They manufacture much of their own furniture, but also import pieces that meet their criteria and standards. Their line of furniture is the Harmony Collection, and their motto or tag line is, "The source for the best value in moderately priced office furnishings." This tag line really says it all. They are not super expensive office furniture made out of solid wood. Nor are they cheap, discount store office furniture made out of particle board. You know the type, it looks good for bedroom furniture a month and then everything goes down hill. With Harmony you get high quality, laminate office furniture. They feature two main lines: American Cherry Series and the Laminate Series.

Furniture made out of cherry hardwood looks good and speaks to the user of warmth and quality. The American Cherry Collection is made out select cherry veneers and finished with real hard wood trim. This series has graceful lines, beautiful edge details, and quality finishes that says luxury. The hardware used is of the highest quality, and many different components are offered to allow you to design the office furniture to meet your needs. This collection is offered in two finishes: hand rubbed cherry and mahogany.

Where the American Cherry Collection is designed for the executive, the Laminate Series is designed for the worker of a company that cares. These pieces are in a working class of their own. They are extremely durable, they are stylish and are a great value. Their quality construction includes 1" thick surfaces, quality edging and melamine laminates that are resistant to peeling and chipping. The design is ergonomic to help in the comfort of productivity of the user. Harmony's attention to detail in design and quality of material used, their variety of finishes, and their wide configurations available of work spaces, makes the Laminate Series a winner for all who use it.

Both series of office furniture offer a large variety of components, including desks, shelves, file drawers, hutches, tables, and work surfaces available in straight, "U" and "L" shaped configurations.

Whether you are setting up an executive office, or multiple work stations, with Harmony by the Storlie Company, you are getting quality office furniture that will last for years to come, and will look great also!

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