How Much Does It Cost to Rekey a Commercial Door Lock?


You may require a commercial rekeying service if you have lost the key to your office lock or your key gets damaged. Whenever you realize that it is time to rekey your business lock, your first step should be to approach a commercial locksmith or residential locksmith that is nearest to your location as they can help you fix your issue. 

You might have a question about how much it costs to rekey a commercial lock. Well, we are here to give you an estimate. 

The Cost of Commercial Rekeying Services 

The cost of commercial rekeying services depends on many different factors. Those include: 

  • Type of Lock
  • Type of Key
  • Number of Locks You Want to Rekeyed
  • Location of Your Office
  • Timing 
  • Reputation and Status of the Locksmith that You Choose
  • How Urgently You Require It

Apart from this, the condition of the key and lock also matter to determine the cost of a commercial rekeying service. It is tough to conclude the exact cost of a commercial lock repair and rekeying, but yes we can give you an estimate. 

Commercial Cylinder, Rim, Mortise, Standard Levers- If you want to rekey your commercial cylinder, rim, mortise, and standard levers, it may cost you around $20 to $30. However, this will vary from one city to another. 

IC Core (Interchangeable Core)- If you want to rekey your interchangeable core, the rekeying cost will vary from $30 to $40. 

High-Security Lock Cylinder- Rekeying costs for high-security cylinder locks range from $30 to $40. You may see a difference in this price range depending on the various factors we have mentioned above. 

Drawer and Cabinet's Lock- For drawers and cabinets, the rekeying cost ranges from $20 to $30. 

Exit Bar Surcharge- For exit bars, panic bars, or fire bars, the rekeying cost varies from $10 to $30. 

All these estimates are given based on the top commercial locksmith companies in Austin. However, it might be possible that you may see a difference in the cost range. This happens due to the factors we have listed above. Consult your commercial locksmith to know the accurate cost of commercial lock repair and rekeying services. 

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