Die Punching Machines

A die punching machine is a punching device for reducing and shaping materials. A die is divided into several sections, namely the entrance angle and approach angle. The entrance angle guides the wire into the die, while the approach angle brings the wire to a nip or bearing for reduction. A lubricant is added at the entrance angle to prevent metal-to-metal contact. The piercing punch and pilot punch are also used to help place a sheet.

The two-station flatbed die cut punching machine is designed for cutting, creasing, slotting, and punching corrugated boards. It has a control panel for easy operation and is equipped with four punch dies. The machine can be used to cut three-ply, five-ply, and thirteen-ply corrugated boards. It can also cut comb and wire-bound sheets. It is a versatile punching machine that meets the requirements of many industries.

The JLF-Y312 from Ginifon is an advanced die punching and easing machine. It is an ideal solution for many industries, including the pharmaceutical, health care, and FMCG sectors. When used in a commercial setting, a die punching machine can cut a variety of materials.

The heavy duty die cutting and creasing machine is a leading manufacturer in Amritsar. It has a platen punching and a moveable footbrake to prevent a press operator from accidentally opening the die. It also offers other operations, such as gluing and edging, in addition to punching. The main advantage of a heavy-duty die punching machine is that it delivers greater productivity. There are many benefits to owning one.

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