The stretch film has effective wrapping force and retractability

Just now we mentioned that the appearance of the wrapping film is transparent, but the transparency produced by some manufacturers is not high, and even has a dark feeling. Therefore, in order to make the appearance of the wrapping film white and bright, fluorescent whitening agents are indispensable additives.
Nowadays, people have higher requirements on the appearance of items, so if the stretch film you produce has a dark appearance, no matter how good the quality is, consumers will not care. According to the characteristics of the stretch film, Subang recommends adding a stretch film whitening agent OB during the production process. In the production process of the stretch film, Scotch Bopp tape wholesale only 200g and other raw materials can be added and stirred evenly.
The stretch film with added whitening agent is not only white The brightness and brightness are improved, and the weather resistance is also improved. Even if the product is exposed to the wind and the sun, the product will not change color or yellow. Today, the stretch film manufacturer will tell you how to improve the sealing effect of the stretch film. In the process of using stretch film, pay attention to its winding order, usually it should be unfolded from the bottom end, so as to ensure its sealing effect.
The stretch film has effective wrapping force and retractability, which can wrap the goods together, so it can not only effectively bind the items together, but also protect the items from the external environment and avoid damage. However, in the process of unfolding the seal, attention should be paid. In order to ensure its sealing effect, do not unwind and wrap at will during the process of unfolding the package. At present, the stretch film has been widely used in many industries, and the stretch film needs to be replaced after a period of use, which causes the user's economic cost to be lost to a certain extent.
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