How to Keep Donors Engaged

What is donor engagement?

Donor engagement is defined by the Global Partnership for Effective Development Impact as ‘the process of creating, developing, and managing relationships with donors, potential donors, and other stakeholders to maximize the development impact of their contributions.

In donor engagement, there are four main aspects:

1) Relationship Building

2) Feedback

3) Philanthropic Planning

4) Branding

Why is donor engagement important?

Donor engagement is important in any type of nonprofit or charity organization. They are used to help manage the donor base and encourage them to donate more within the organization.

For example, a small nonprofit might use a donor engagement software tool like iConnectX to find out what donors want and how they want their donations spent. This will help them run successful fundraising campaigns in the future that will increase donations and make donors feel more satisfied with what they are contributing.

Best practices for keeping donors engaged:

Here are six best practices / tips to engage donors.

  1. Make sure you have a clear, compelling message.
  2. Be transparent with donors about what they are donating towards, and how their donations will make an impact.
  3. Show donors what their donations have accomplished in tangible terms.
  4. Provide opportunities for engagement with the nonprofit's mission through volunteering or other activities that connect donors to what they care about most deeply.
  5. Ensure that your website is optimized for mobile so donors can give anytime, anywhere.
  6. Keep in touch with your donor. Make a personal connection with donors through your interactions with them on channels like email and social media. If a donor doesn't feel connected to an organization, then they will not feel compelled to stay engaged with the organization's work and will eventually disengage from that organization entirely.



Donor engagement practices are important to nonprofits. They can improve donor experience, increase donations, and build relationships with donors. For detailed donor engagement practices.


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