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The mushrooms of the morshelle family are mushrooms and the cap is also cooked like a scapegoat and a squid. This is the first spring fungus, arising in the downtime Buy blue meanies online timber as soon as the snow melts. They can grow up to 15 cm in length and the periphery of the cap is 10 cm. The mushroom cap, outside, is brown, unheroic-brown, or unheroic, in the shape of an egg, and the face of the stalk is neutral. The color of the high mist of the fungus is pale unheroic or white skin.

Chemical structure

Moment we will learn what" benefits"it contains (mushrooms), how to cook dishes from these timber products and what they're really delicious. Still, we first see the problems that await the use of the product. Smorchki, the print you see over, look at the comestible fruit, and before eating it requires a heat treatment. New fungi contain poisons that are dangerous to the mortal body, similar as methylhydrazine and gyrometrin. As with utmost mushrooms, the larger the number of bottles it collects, the more likely it's that they aren't demanded in the most important samples. It should be marked with useful results of pens. These fungi contain a large quantum of micronutrients (calcium, phosphorus, potassium), vitamins (C, D, PP, A and B vitamins), polysaccharides (FD4), it's useful to the view. In folk drug, the broth from the pens is used in the treatment of rheumatism, blood conditions, age- related changes in vision.


Morels (mushrooms) how to prepare

As mentioned over, these fungi are in bottles. These smokes are also dried and dried in three months, also boiled and also passed into the boiled water. Thus, we wrap a mushroom, boil it for 15 – 17 twinkles and use it only for riding, frying or adding to mists. If the mushrooms are dry and finished after about three months they can be used as a spice addition to some dishes. Still, despite the fact that the mushrooms are veritably delicious, and the dishes are succulent, take them as food for children under 12 times of age and pregnant women with extreme caution.


Utmost of the flavors are marked in sour creams (mushrooms). How to cook this dish, also known to your grandparents for half a mushroom you need to take a glass of sour cream, a tablespoon of flour and some rubbish. Chinese mushrooms are fried before being ready, in a visage, sprinkled with flour and cooked again. Also add sour cream and bring the admixture to a pustule. Wash with baking pop and singe in the roaster. The pre- cooked mess can be garnished with diced sauces of parsley.

Moreh mushrooms how to cook

Another form is the veritably-good-French haze, which uses flour (mushrooms). How to cook? It's cooked in buttermilk mushrooms with finely diced onion poured into meat broth and boil for half an hour. Also, when the broth is cooked, allow it to cool a little and turn the mushrooms into adulation, canvas and cream at this time. Combining the two constituents-broth and fruit mushroom admixture- used on the table, the watercolor with bomb juice and sprinkled with sauces.

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