Difference between DApps and DeFi DApps?

Currently, In the Fintech Industry, there are two most familiarized innovations that spread the usage they are - DeFi and DApps. With their capability to maintain robust data privacy and functioning without any centralized authority, they are considered rebellious technologies. That can extremely alter how our financial systems work. Decentralized Finance or DeFi has already been embraced by NASDAQ and is said to be taking over the entire conventional banking system in the future. Let us learn more about them and see how they differ from each other.

Features offered in DeFi by users


Any particular association or employee does not handle decentralized finance protocols. Hence there is no risk of fraudulent. They work on the Decentralized Applications DApps, which operate on smart contracts, and once they manage on a blockchain network, nothing can interrupt their functions.

No need for permission

In the DeFi Ecosystem, users are not required to request permission to use any financial services. Anybody can develop a DeFi DApps or get access to platforms without requiring to undergo assurance techniques like the ones needed in the traditional banking system. 


Decentralized Finance DeFi code sustains transparency with users as it constantly eradicates bugs, and transaction audits and fits the smoothness of the contract's functionality. 

Users’ needs are prioritized

Decentralized finance contracts are entirely programmable. They can be pre-programmed to match users’ necessities and use cases.

There is no censorship resistance

Like in traditional banks, users are given access to financial mechanisms only if they meet specific criteria, but that is not the case in Defi, where users don’t require any censorship contract to access all financial instruments.


Consensus agreement between members is crucial in Dapps to execute any changes creating DApps code open for scrutiny. The functions are accomplished autonomously as an open-source.


Every transaction data on Decentralized Applications are recorded on the Decentralized Blockchain network. The data are encoded on a public network. 


Crypto tokens are used to incentivize users. Users develop crypto tokens after fulfilling tasks like confirming transactions, contributing value, and receiving rewards. 

Working protocol

The entire members of Decentralized Applications need to agree on an applicable crypto algorithm. For example, Proof of Work (POW) and Proof of Stake (POS) to ascertain proof of value. 

How do DeFi DApps and Decentralized Applications differ?

Looking at their features, not much difference can be seen as both DeFi DApps and DApps technologies operate on a Decentralized system. However, two key points differ them from each other:

Use cases

Decentralized Finance is made on Decentralized Applications and has more efficacy for commercial use cases.

On the other hand, DApps have processes for further economic use cases, such as creating gaming applications, web browsers, gambling, etc.

Network access

The functions of DeFi are only specified to blockchain networks. On the other hand, DApps drive on a peer-to-peer network of computers and use smart contracts to function, which requires consensus for any alteration once established in the network.

Closing Thoughts

Since the endorsement of Crypto and Blockchain in the Techie world, there have been many inventions. Among them, the DeFi DApps and DApps are the two well-known and most effective technologies that can potentially disrupt our traditional economic sector by eradicating centralized reigns.

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